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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Monday, Holiday in Provence

This week's Fun Monday, is hosted by Patience at Patience is a virtue, and this is what she wants to know ...

How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation!

Y'know, it's getting on to that time of year.

Everyone's already thinking of what they'll be doing on their summer vacation.
So, let's hear about it already!! (And pictures are always welcome!)

There are still some other plans in the making for later this year, but each year our main holiday is spent in Provence, in the South of France. It feels a bit like coming home, because we rent the same house each year. It's been more than ten years since we discovered this beautiful region for the first time, but we never get tired of it. The landscapes, the lavender fields, the markets, the people, it's beautiful nature, good food ... this country has it all.
It's a feast for the eye if you're a photographer. Provence is where I took my first pictures, and learned how to handle a camera. That was only two years ago.
On previous years I refused to take a camera. I just wanted to mingle and blend in among the people living there. I much preferred it if they tried to sell us a mattress, because they took us for locals! Part of it is still like this. I go to the farmers market with my wicker basket, to look for fresh produce to cook with that day, just like any other French housewife does.
We sip a Pastis after the market, and just enjoy life.
The French easy going joie de vivre ...

I am counting the days until this gate opens...

No internet for at least two weeks.
Well, okay, maybe that's the down side, but ...
I'll keep a diary.

I'll open the trunk with my very own kitchen tools that have been waiting for me there.

I unpack the herbs and spices I brought with me.

We'll go to the farmers market.

Smell the garlic and the fresh basil?

Listen to Gig Street. My favourite jazz band.

Maybe look for a place to eat?

Or we could have a Pastis first?

Or a little picnic along the way?

Take a tour in a horse drawn carriage?

Watch the locals?
Or go home,

and cook a lovely meal with the fresh produce from the market?

Have some fun in the pool?

Chase the bees with my camera?

I know I can always find someone willing to pose for me?
And you know what?
I have a new and better camera this year...

Can't wait!!


quilly said...

Whoa! How cool. Can I come, too?

And have I told you how much I like this new template? Your photos fill up my entire 19 inch computer screen! Everything is so clear and lovely that I was going to use one of those carrots in my dinner tonight ....

Jientje said...

@ Quilly: Of course you can come, Quilly!
Oh and feel free to take anything you need to cook your meal, they're all fresh produce from the farmer's market!

Seema B Menon said...

I just loved this blog!

Hootin Anni said...

Sounds like one very relaxing time for you each year. And having the camera that is new this year will make it even more fun.

Happy Fun Monday...my post is published. See you there?

Gattina said...

The south of France is very much like Italy and with an Italian husband we go to Italy of course !
I already have been in Morocco 11 years ago and with 8 times in Egypt and having worked with two Morroccan girls for 5 years, nothing cultural surprises me anymore !

VioletSky said...

I am so jealous that you are close enough to go there (every year?)

But thank you for sharing your experience in such luxurious detail.

Melli said...

Sounds like there's a little bit of Heaven in Provence too! I want to listen to that jazz band too!

Sadly, my camera is NOT the batteries. That was one of the first things I tried - I just assumed it WAS the battery. But I have 3 fully charged batteries and I tried them all... UGH!

United Studies said...

Do you need someone to carry your luggage? I'd LOVE to go, it sounds so relaxing!

Avril said...

Lucky lucky lucky you!!!!! Can I come along too?!!!

Jill said...


Libby's Library said...

I am sooooooooooooo jealous...but what will I do without you for TWO WHOLE WEEKS?

ChrisB said...

Your holidays sound wonderfully relaxing-I can understand why you look forward to returning each year. Lovely photos.

Thom said...

Wow...i wanna go also. It looks like a great place...your pictures are beautiful as usual.

Momisodes said...

Wow. I can certainly see what draws you back year after year. It looks and sounds like a dream or fantasy come true.

I am so excited for you, and can hardly wait to see what you find this year :)

Vicky said...

OHHHHH! How delightful! I'm not sure I'd want to ever return from there. And think of all the beautiful new photos you will take to share when you return. Love all the images!! Hope its a wonderful vacation.

Terri said...

Oh Jientje, how lovely! I want to come too!!! You make Europe so appealing.

I'm thinking of starting a new photo meme - come see what you think, I think it could be lots of fun. My post about it is here.

Terri said...

Oh, and I love the new header! Perfect.

Becky said...

2 whole weeks without you, life will be unbearable!!! Where you live is so beautiful and the vacation spot looks very inviting also! How far do you have travel to go there? Send me a postcard will you??? Love the bee, I hear him buzzing!

Avril said...

Re Weekly Winners - Ooh .. a photo just for me -now I feel special!!!! Thanks so much! .. and thank for your thoughts and comment today. Scrolled down to see the pussy willow and the superb photos just kept coming - they're all so 'springy' and colourful and cheerful!

Nessa said...

I'm coming with you.

Jientje said...

@ Seemu: Nice meeting you too!
@ Hootin' Anni: I can't wait to explore Provence with that new camera.
@ Gattina: I would love to see Italy someday.
@ Violet: yep, every year.
@ Melli: There is a lot of Heaven in Provence, you can be sure of that! So sorry about the camera!
@ Jacki: You would not need to carry it!
@ Avril: sure!
@ Lil Mouse: It was delicious!
@ Libby: I'm asking myself the exact same question!
@ ChrisB: Yep, counting the days!
@ Thom: It is a great place.
@ Sandy: I have never been disappointed yet. Can't wait to see my pictures either!
@ Vicky: I never want to return home either!
@ Terri: Join the crowd!
@ Sassydog: I'll probably prepare some posts with pictures from the previous years, how's that? But you've got to promise to leave me comments, okay?
@ Avril: You're welcome. And thanks!

Jientje said...

@ Sassydog: All in all it takes about twelve hours to get there by car.

Faye said...

Oh my goodness, Jientje! Of course we'll follow you to this new place. I'm so glad that you decided to pick up a camera and "tour" us around , first Belgium, and now Provence. Worth a thousand words. Love the large photos.

Dr.John said...

Thanks for the great pictures. Glad you will get to go on such a great vacation. I will spend the summer at home. When your retired I gues your on vaction all the time.

Jan said...

Jientje, fabulous post and photos. I know you'll have a great time.

Sayre said...

YOur photos are beautiful... and made me hungry! South of France. Sounds lovely!

Unknown said...

You will have a great time! I remember your trunk of tools. :)

Molly said...

This all beautiful. You have a lovely trip planned, and the pictures are beautiful. I like your new improved blog. I read with interest how to pronounce your name so much different than what I thought, Jientje

Mariposa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mariposa said...

Lovely! I am so jealous...but we'll miss you for those days you are without internet!

Jientje said...

@ Faye: There will be more pictures from there to fill the emptiness when I'm gone.
@ Dr John: I guess so.
@ Jan: we will!
@ Sayre: it IS lovely!
@ Lisa: You do?
@ Molly: somehow this seems to surprise everybody.
@ Mariposa: I will prepare my posts in advance, I'm planning to have pictures up from last year, okay?

Martha said...

Sounds like such a lovely time, a vacation I would love to take!

Leslie said...

Gorgeous! Feel like I was there... almost!

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