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Welcome to the new, and improved version of Heaven in Belgium. I am Jientje. "Jientje", like the boys name Gene, followed by "chu"? "Gene-chu", that's how you pronounce my name. Yes!!!!That's it!! So now you know huh? I am an addicted blogger. I was born and raised and am still living in Belgium. Yeah, the "this-is- Tuesday-so-this-must-be-Brussels" kind of Belgium .. There, you see? Maybe you couldn't find it on the map, but at least I'm trying to change that a little by sharing lots of pictures. I really love to cook and create new things, like this blog for instance. I am a mother,a grandmothe and a wife too! They say I'm a traveler, and a photographer. Well that's just what they say, I love to make pictures, but I am far from professional ... If my English is not perfect, that would be because it's my second language. I do hope you'll forgive me any possible misspellings or strange vocabulary ... Now, as a result of all of the above, I get way too little sleep and my days are always much too short!


Heaven is in Belgium

Monday, August 31, 2009

Macro Monday, Doors

" The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live"
Flora Whittemore

Maybe that's why I'm fascinated by them. This one wore the scars of life.

Molded wood, pieces missing ...

An old lock and chipped paint.

I never can resist photographing them.

And sometimes, looking at the same subject from a different angle makes all the difference.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly Winners, Up, Up and Away ...



logo wwfinal


Launching a hot air balloon.
I think I’ll just let the images speak for themselves …



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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday, Up in the Air …

Heartbeat, sky high,
Tell you that I'm gonna fly.
Peaceful, weightless,
Rainbows watch me passing by.
Up in the air, there's no need to hurry,
Wind through my hair, no time to worry.
And though I'm falling through the clouds,
Oh, I'm shouting out loud.

Up in the air, there's no time for sorrow,
Just here and now, no fears for tomorrow.
High jump, sky dive you won't stop me, I'm alive
Fearless, head strong knowing that I will survive
Up in the air, there's no need to hurry,
Wind through my hair, no time to worry.
And though I feel like a butterfly
And you're the only reason why.

Open your heart, don't wait any longer.
Let me be yours, together we're stronger.
Up down, high low.
Watch me flying', here I go.
Take my hand, and where we're going,
No one knows,
Up in the air, there's no need to hurry
Wind through my hair, no time to worry

And though I'm up here in the sky,
Oh you are making me fly.
Up in the air, there's no time for sorrow,
Just here and now, no fears for tomorrow.
Bright day, sunshine,
Tell you that I'm feeling fine.
Knowing doubtless you will be forever mine
Up in the air, there's no need to hurry
Wind through my hair, no time to worry

And though I'm falling through the clouds now
Oooh I'm falling through the clouds now.
Heartbeat, sky high.
Tell you that I'm gonna fly.
Peaceful, weightless
Rainbows watch me passing by.

Up in the air, there's no need to hurry
Wind through my hair, no time to worry
And though I'm falling through the clouds now,
Can't you see?
And oh I'm falling through the clouds now, baby
Heartbeat, sky high
Tell you that I'm gonna fly.

Artist: Martine Bond
Song: Heartbeat
Country: Netherlands

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Fave Five Work and Play …

Another week has passed, it’s August 28th already!! Exactly two months from today I will be on a airplane leaving for my trip to the States!! Counting the days …

friday fave five 12

Okay, for now, I’m still here and it’s the time of the week for another Fave Five to look back and share some of the highlights of the past days. Although temperatures have dropped slightly, we simply cannot complain about our Belgian Summer this year! We’ve had a lot of sunshine and were able to spend a fair amount of time outside on the patio.

1. Last Friday and Saturday we spent two days visiting garden furniture shops. After twelve years outside in all kinds of weather, two of our big chairs collapsed in two weeks time, so we decided it was time look for something new. Maybe get a good deal because Summer sales are still on? We did, we found a lovely set we both like very much, 25% cheaper than we would have paid at the beginning of the season. Not bad eh? Not bad at all! They promised a quick delivery before the end of the week, but I did not really count on it. More on that later.

2. Anticipating the arrival of the new set, I spent Sunday cleaning up on my patio. There is a little gutter to drain the water from it, and it was littered with all kinds of dirt going from empty plastic pots and dry leaves even broken glass, you name it! Clearing it involved getting flat on my belly to scoop everything out, but I am so happy with how it looks now I could not resist taking a picture! Ummmm, no “before” pictures, uh-uh! After that I tackled the little storage space in the corner, also a “home” for a lot of goods that should really be stored elsewhere or thrown away. It’s a good thing I’m not suffering from arachnophobia, because it turned out there were quite a few eight legged creatures living there as well! Ewww! Well anyway, it’s nice and clean now!!

3. On Monday, I did my ironing on the patio. I love doing that outside in the sun, looking at the sparrows and the other birds visiting the feeder, and enjoying the colorful plants and the view. Look at that Fuchsia I got from my dad a few weeks ago, it has dozens of flowers now!

4. We had a visit from my daughter on Wednesday evening. It was still warm enough to have our aperitif outside before going in for our meal. She brought a bottle of wine for my husband but look at what she brought me!! She had bought this beautiful blue and yellow plate in Portugal while she was on holiday there, isn’t it gorgeous? I’m so in love with it, such bright and sunny colors, it’s BEAUTIFUL!! I’m going to love using it!!! I had a little surprise stashed away for her too, look how pleased she was!! And you know what the greatest gift of all was to me?
Her smile. Look at her!!! We had a great evening together. Thank you sweetheart!

5. While I was writing this post, the delivery van with the new furniture arrived! WOOT!! I grabbed my camera to make a few action shots. So here it is!!! An absolute scoop! My husband has not even seen this yet!! The new garden set !!!
I LOVE the reflecting table top, especially on a white-clouded-blue-sky-day like today!!
Look at the reflection of the neighbor's wind mill, it looks great doesn’t it?

fave five 28 aug 3

Another fabulous week!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Meme from a Mama …


This little meme has been circling around the blogosphere for a few days now, I saw it at Quilly’s and Melli’s. Both had picked it up at Thom’s, who in his turn had stolen  found it somewhere else. I did not really feel like doing this meme since most of the books within reach are mostly dictionaries. BORING.
At least that’s what I thought. 
Until I took a closer look and spotted this little booklet on the bookshelf above my computer screen … And then I knew it could make a nice blog post.

1. Collect the book that you have most handy:

It’s the booklet “mama”, a little gift from my daughter a few months back.

2. Turn to page 161:

It contains lots of delicious recipes, beautiful pictures and thoughts and sayings about motherhood. It’s very precious to me.

3. Find the 5th complete sentence: There is only one, it’s an Italian saying.

4. Cite the sentence on your blog: It says: “ A good mother does not ask “ who wants …?” She GIVES.

5. Pass it on to 5 other victims (oops…bloggers):

Feel free to pick it up if you would like to do it. I’m not tagging anyone.
Besides, I think everybody has already done it?


Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give -
which is everything.

Katharine Hepburn

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Thousand words in Idioms: The Food Edition

"A Thousand Words in Idioms"

As long as people have been around, they have tried to communicate with each other. As a means of getting the message across as clearly as possible, idioms and sayings have found their way into our language. Now, because "a picture paints a thousand words", I thought it would be nice to make this a photo challenge. The idea is to choose an idiom, or a saying, (even slang is allowed) and illustrate it with a picture. You can find the first edition here if you need some inspiration.

If "language is the dress of thoughts" ( Johnson), then idioms must the wardrobe

From now on everybody can join in. No need to follow the alphabet, just pick two idioms and illustrate them with your pictures. Grab that camera or look in your archives. Just be creative, that's all I'm asking!
And don't forget to have fun and visit one another, okay?

So here we go ...

Make a meal:

If someone makes a meal of something, they spend too long doing it or make it look more difficult than it really is.

Have your cake and eat it too:

If someone wants to have their cake and eat it too, they want everything their way, especially when their wishes are contradictory.

Now, as usual, I’m very curious to see yours. And please, join us, play along it’s fun! The more the merrier, I would so love to have a couple more players? Sign Mr Linky if you’re playing and I’ll visit you back, okay?

One more thing....


Lose your bottle:
(UK) If someone loses their bottle, they lose the courage to do something.
I accidentally stumbled upon this idiom while I was browsing the idiom site, and I thought it was quite funny, but this is really something I'm doing for Thom.
Don’t worry, he’s alive and kicking, and he has not lost his courage!
BUT he got himself into trouble AGAIN (click on this link to read more) , and I promised to send a message into the blogosphere to help him.

Here's what he pleads: "I need all the help I can get and the way I figure it is the more that send that old battle axe a message in the bottle the better my chances are for getting out of the dungeon".

Here are the rules:

You are about to send a virtual Message In A Bottle across the Blog Ocean. Leave a message in the sand or on the bottle. Write anything you wish. Be a pirate or a poet. Serious or silly. Rant or ruminate.

Anonymous or not.

What message would you like to send out to the universe?

1. Compose a message to place in your virtual bottle below.
It can even be ANONYMOUS message.
I will not reveal your identity.

2. Right click and Save the graphic below

3. Use a graphics program of your choice to place the message on the picture

4. Post the meme and these rules on your blog

6. Tag a minimum of five people – or your entire blog roll – to do the same.
Notify them of the tag.

I am going to break rule #6 though. I am not going to tag anyone. Feel free to play along if you wish to do so, or if you want to get Thom out of the dungeon. But bear in mind he’ll get himself in there just as fast as you will manage to get him out. ROFL!!

Anyway, here’s mine …

WOOT!!! Want to know something? I swear, it's true. I wanted to submit my "bottle" to the site, and I nosed around a little on that site. I found two Belgian bottles floating around there. I got curious, so I clicked on the link and to my astonishment I discovered that my friend Gattina had thrown a bottle months ago with the very same message! What are the odds? I googled the quote, true, but I DID NOT COPY it from her, it's just a coincidence!! LOL!!
Great minds think alike eh?

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