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Heaven is in Belgium

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bees and Lavender

Summer Stock Sunday JPEG

I will be a very busy bee today.
I hope to catch up with all of you later?


and lavender...

in your own back yard.

Summer does not get …

any better than this.

Find more Summer Stock Sunday pictures here.


Robin said...

Beautiful macros Jientje, and I love lavender too.

Dimple said...

My goodness, up close and personal with bees! I have lavender in my yard, and the bees certainly like it, but I haven't tried to photograph them this way. Wonderful!

quilly said...

I have a lavender post I shall put up on my photoblog so we can be twins! I did not capture awesome bees, though. Alas.

Anonymous said...

Damn no bee sex? LOL. Wonderful and you are right summer can't get any better. Have a great time at your daughters. Aloha :)

quilly said...

There IS a bug in my lavender! Come see if you can find it!

Nicole said...

These are lovely.
Gives me such a peaceful summer feeling!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, BEE happy...
Great shots...:-)

Wanda..... said...

Bee careful beeing busy today, beecause Bee love you Jientje!

Bim said...

Great series - I hope the bumble bee didn't get stuck in those spider web threads.

Leora said...

Lavender is such a wonderful plant - ah, the joys of nature! My daughter (who is 7) explained to me the importance of bees and flowers yesterday.

moneythoughts said...

Nice shots. Really enjoy seeing things through your eyes. I hope that doesn't sound too personal, except to say, you have a nice way of looking at life.

You can't do any damage to our economy (with your beautiful pictures of home made food), we do a pretty good job of it all by ourselves.

The Retired One said...

I LOVE catching bees and moths and butterflies on my flowers in macro...you can see all their wonderful fuzziness and color!

The French Bear said...

Beautiful photos, I can almost smell the lavender! How wonderful!
Do you have Lupus too? I thank you for your sweet comments and support!!!
Margaret B

Gattina said...

Beautiful, Jientje ! compliments ! Bees are an insect I like it's not too ugly little ladybugs too. Lavender is another story, reminds me old people, lol !

kayerj said...

lavender reminds me of my grandma's bedroom. The pictures are amazing

Anonymous said...

I love these photos of the lavender and the bee.


Melissa said...

What beautiful photos from such a beautiful lady.

Thank you for sharing a touch of Summer with us.

AMANDA said...

That is one fury bee, great to see your closeups! Have a great one Jientje.


Unknown said...

You managed to get three bees in one shot! And I love the bee caught in the web!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Bees and lavender - a lovely combination.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Magnificent shots of the bees, Jientje. I've been trying to get a shot of one all summer. But these are sublime.

Dr.John said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures.

Maggie`s Mind said...

Great shots! The bees are so fuzzy looking.

Melli said...

I have been a busy bee too! And I AM catching up with you now! :) Those are BEEautiful pics!

Loree said...

I absolutely love lavender.

Jientje said...

@ Robin: So do I, reminds me of Provence, but it's right here in my back yard!
@ Dimple: They're very hard to photograph, I know.
@ Quilly: great minds think alike eh?
@ Nicole: I love bumble bees even more than lavender, but they're both symbols of Summer!
@ Dina..UK: Don't worry, I am happy!
@ Wanda: Bee love you too Wanda!
@ Bim: As a matter of fact, the one in the spider threads is a dead one.
@ Leora: Aaaah. Did you blush?
@ moneythoughts: thank you! And you make awesome comments!
@ the retired one: Macro is my favorite shooting mode. It's a whole new world.
@ The French Bear: Yes, I do. You're welcome!
@ Gattina: You don't like lavender?
@ kaye: certain perfumes and scents have memories attached to them, that's true.
@ Paz: Thank you!
@ Melissa: I love those little fuzzy wuzzies!
@ Amanda: I will, have a great one yourself!
@ lisa: Yes, I was very surprised when I saw them on my computer!
@ Sara: Yes, nothing is more like Summer than this!
@ Julia Smith: They can be hard to capture!
@ Dr John: Thanks!
@ Maggie: My favorites!
@ Melli: Thank you for your beeeeautiful comment! Bzzzzz....
@ Loree: So do I, the remind me of France and Summer and Provence ...

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