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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Midweek Blues, Through Open Doors …


mwb 1575

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post, please click this link to see part one of this story. I’ll wait while you look at the pictures of this old worn down farmhouse from the outside. Go on, they’re worth the effort!
Like I said earlier, the doors were all left open so I went inside …



From then on, it was just me, the house, the spiders and the cobwebs …



If walls could talk, what stories would they tell? Who lived here?


Was this room once filled with children’s voices, laughter and singing?   


Were they happy? How did they earn a living? Was life simple, or was it a struggle?


All these questions will be left unanswered …
It leaves me wondering.


I still wish I had taken more pictures though …



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Wanda..... said...

The doors, especially the entrance, seem to be in good condition compared to the rest, so ruined by the elements. I wonder what the S hooks along the rafters in the last photo were for. ♥...Wanda

Jientje said...

@ Wanda: I had not even seen those! I think they were used to cure and dry meats like pork ham?

Colleen said...

Good questions... so much to imagine and wonder. I imagine a curmudgeonly old man in that back room, reading his paper and smoking his pipe.
I love the last shot. I didn't even notice the s-hooks until I read Wanda's comments.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

The house if filled with historical romance, Jientje! I love the setting, too. I wanted you to step outside and look back. Did you get any photographs from that perspective? Thanks for posting!

Suburban Girl said...

What a wonderful find. So glad you could get inside. All that old hardware and wood...I'd love to see photos of the place in its old glory.

The French Bear said...

Jientje, these are absolutely amazing....love these photos, and the same questions were on my mind too.....wonderful!
I can't wait to see how your class goes, what will you make?
You photos always inspire me to try my hand, but I don't think there's talent in me for that!!!! Ha ha....I'll just stick to looking at yours!!
Margaret B

United Studies said...

Oh, I really could see myself restoring this place! Lovely...

Unknown said...

Wonderful shots, Jientje. And I never would have seen those hooks if Wanda hadn't pointed them out. I guess I'd better start paying more attention to detail, eh?

EG CameraGirl said...

How sad this building is falling apart. But your photos are wonderful!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

What an amazing place and love the shots too.
They have an old touch / old feel to them.
Well done, you captured the atmosphere perfectly!

kayerj said...

this was really a great find for your eye and your camera :)

Unknown said...

That place has tons of potential but it would take SO much work! Wow!

Pat said...

I bet that house has tons of memories! If only we knew them! Very interesting post and captivating pictures!

Dianne said...

I bet the spiders enjoyed having a visitor :)

I can imagine the beauty of the original place

Jay said...

I love these interior shots, too. I would LOVE to have been there with you, taking hundreds of photos and wondering, just like you, who had lived there and what kind of lives they'd had.

What a restoration project, huh?

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