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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Fave Five, Scary Monsters


Friday again ... now wait a minute? Where has that week gone to? It's been an amazing week for me, busy and relaxed at the same time, with lots of exciting moments. Time to look back by joining Friday's Fave Five and share some of the highlights from it ...  


1. A looooooooooooooooooong weekend. It's always a treat for me when my hubby is home, and this week he did not have any appointments until Wednesday. We visited a pumkin fair, had fun with the camera on two different photo walks, we slept in, took our time to enjoy breakfast a bit more than usual, you know, we had a lot of fun together!

2. On Monday evening we had a Halloween market in our village. It was organized for the very first time and it was a great success. Not only the vendors were disguised as creepy monsters, so were a lot of the visitors! To savor the true Halloween atmosphere, we went there after dark. I took my camera and tried some of the manual settings on my camera, as I had learned in photography class the week before. It seemed to work just fine and I'm really pleased with the photos I took!

3. The weather has been unbelievably warm and sunny these last couple of days, and we thoroughly enjoyed our Indian Summer. Fall is really at it's peak now, and the colors are wonderful. Add two more weeks and the leaves will all have fallen, so now was the time to make a photo walk to capture Fall in all it's beauty. When we came back, I made us lunch, and noticed it was still warm enough to eat outside. We had a salad with a glass of rosé wine and basked in the warm sun. It was heaven!

4.I had a breakfast date with my friend Nana on Thursday morning.  I forgot to take my camera, so that 's a bit of a shame, but we did have a great time. Well, we always do, don't we? Her present for my birthday was very well chosen, I love it. Want to know what it was? Well, remember the pink and green cups and bowls I bought this Summer? She gave me matching mini oven dishes I can use to serve an appetizer or a little garnish on the side of the plate. She had found them in a little shop in Nyons, France. This makes them even more special to me!

5. I went shopping for clothes, and actually found some nice stuff at bargain prices! The lovely compliments my friend Nana gave me yesterday about how I looked in my new mini skirt made me confident enough to want to buy another one, thus following my husband's clothing advice. I also found a very stylish gray dress, a belt, a sweater and a cardigan. I'm so happy with my new outfits!

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Karen said...

Wonderful list. I especially like the Halloween market and the lunch outdoors. And clothes at a bargain. Great finds!

Jerralea said...

New outfits are always fun and give us such a lift in spirits, I always think. Glad you are happy with your choices.

A long weekend with your hubby and breakfast with a friend makes it sound like your week was fantastic!

Barbara H. said...

Your long weekend sounds refreshing!

What a neat gift from your friend!

It's neat to get new outfits, especially at good prices.

Wanda..... said...

Long weekends, eating outdoors, gifts and new clothes sounds great to me. We're having a nice Indian Summer too!

TIFFANY said...

Sounds like you had a fun, long weekend. Breakfast and shopping with a friend make for a great day!

MaR said...

A busy and fun week! it's been unusually warm here too, I like it this way :)

Anonymous said...

't Was weer keigezellig hé. Wel spijtig dat ik niet mee kon gaan shoppen! :-(

Faith said...

a busy week for you! i love shopping for new clothes!!! and a bargain is a great bonus!!

Susanne said...

Happy belated birthday to you!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend spent with your hubby and the weather just sounds wonderful too. I love sunny, fall days.

Catherine said...

Happy belated birthday to you! What a thoughtful gift! I'm glad you are enjoying new clothes and nice weather. Such great pictures, the Halloween day must have been fun!
Have a wonderful week,

Rob Siemann said...

Wouldn't mind meeting the mushrooms, but not the zombies/witches and co!

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