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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures ...

Inquiring minds want to know "what have you done this weekend?"
This meme hosted by Gattina helps you to remember what you did on the weekend.
I agree, weekends always seem to whiz by so fast, one tends to forget.
That would be a pity because they're precious moments, worth remembering.
That's why I love participate and look back on Mondays to share these moments with you.
My weekend in pictures ...

Tuesday is Labor Day, so many people (although not us)  take an extra day off in order to have an extra long weekend. We did not have anything planned, just the usual stuff like the weekly market and running a few errands.

I wanted to try a recipe from my new Weight Watcher's cookbook, so I made savory muffins, with feta cheese, red bell pepper and olives. Served with a green salad they made a perfect lunch.

After lunch we needed to take my camera to the photo shop for repair. Turned out there is a six month warranty on the previous repair (the one I paid 230 € for!!) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't cost me to have it repaired this time!

We wanted to buy a new barbecue so we visited a garden center to see what choice they had.We bought rosemary and thyme for my herb garden while we were there. My husband had spotted a good quality/price barbecue at Makro a few weeks ago, and while we were having coffee at the garden center, we decided to not wait any longer and drive to Makro to buy it. Barbecue season has not started just yet because of the poor weather, but when it does, this barbecue might be sold out before we know it, and we did not want to take that chance!
The rest of the evening was spent putting this new baby together!
The next morning I made crepes with pineapple and strawberry salad for breakfast.
 We had a bit of a lazy Sunday afternoon, reading,blogging and watching some television.
The weather had been rather gray and dreary all day, but around six the sky cleared and the sun came out...

Happy hour on my patio with a refreshing Mojito!

I made pork roast with mustard sauce and string beans for supper and we watched the semi finale of the Ultimate Dance Battle after that. It was a great weekend!


Gattina said...

Geez, I get hungry when I see all your delicious food ! Labour day is only tomorrow (1st of May) the schools are closed and many people went for a long weekend. I hope you had no major problems with putting the new barbecue together. We had the sunshine and real warm weather today 20° !!

Avril said...

Lovely weekend!! Hope you have many happy hours on your patio with your new barbeque. Muffins look yumm!! and so do the crepes!

Thank you so much for your wishes - to my Mum and hubby. Happy birthday wishes to your lovely Mum for next week xxx

Avril said...

to add .. I can never do without my rosemary and thyme - especially thyme, I use it all the time xx

Susanne said...

The muffins look and sound so delicious. Love feta cheese!

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