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Heaven is in Belgium

Monday, October 29, 2012

My weekend in Pictures, I'm BAAAACK!!

I got an email from a befriended blogger asking me if I was okay, because it's been so long since I last posted. She told me she missed my stories and my photos. I was very surprised, I never thought anyone would care whether I blog or not.
To be honest, I do miss blogging sometimes too, it's just that I don't get around to it as much as I did before.
I still take pictures - not as much as I used to though - but they just seem to linger around on my computer. And that's a shame, really.
Maybe I should publish something from time to time eh?

Maybe I should just begin by telling you what I've been up to this weekend eh? The weather was gorgeous, crisp, cold and very sunny. Unlike the west of the country where my Mom and my family live, we did not get any rain around here.
On Saturday, we got up early because my hubby had to catch a train to Brussels and we still wanted to go to the market before he left. I had to keep myself busy all afternoon, so I baked four loaves of bread ...  

... and made some new Fimo jewelry beads. I had gotten a birthday gift in the mail from my sister the previous day and I wanted to play with some of the new colors I got.

Anyway, here is what I made ...

Saturday evening we were invited by our daughter Patsy and her hubby for a little dinner party for my birthday. Her food was delicious, as always!

Sunday was an even sunnier day, so we decided to go out and capture some of that stunning beauty of Autumn ( which never lasts all that long) with my "Big Guy" camera. We had a very long photo walk and I took over three hundred photos! Not all of them good, mind you, but still... And at the end of our walk we met a falconer, and I was able to take amazing photos of the man and his bird. It would be a shame to waste such beautiful pictures, so I will publish more from this walk later this week. 


Loree said...

I thought you'd given up blogging forever. Hope you'll post more often. I know it's time consuming but maybe once or twice a week? I miss your beautiful photos.

A Lady's Life said...

Seems like you are enjoying life and this is good. The falconeer sounds interesting.

Colleen said...

It's good to see you here again. I keep thinking about blogging, but I never seem to get around to it. But it is a shame to let all those pictures just linger on the computer, so maybe I'll get some posted one of these days. :)

The bread looks delicious!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Wow ... you made four loaves of bread just because you had some spare time? You put me to shame! The look delicious, too, unlike the loaves I've made in the past, which were virtually inedible. Oh well, I can make GREAT pastry! ;)

So glad to see you back in here. I do love your photos, and the glimpse you give us into life in Belgium. The tree at the bottom is gorgeous, and the encounter with the falconer must have been thrilling!

Happy birthday for Saturday. :)

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I'm also impressed with your Fimo beads. I tried Fimo and couldn't get along with it!

Gattina said...

Welcome back ! I also wondered about your blogging break and as someone asked me about you, I stated that you haven't published since June ! time flies by so quickly and when I intended to ask you, I saw your comment ! Pictures are beautiful, I don't like autumn it makes me feel sad !

Suburban Girl said...

I spent the day raking leaves and picking up sticks from the hurricane. They are so much prettier on the trees!

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