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Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday Something ...? American Apple Pie.

I want a break from the predictability of my Saturday posts from now on. I want to use this space for ... whatever it is that inspires me through the week. I want a little more interaction with my readers, maybe answer a question I got in a comment, or a picture, a recipe, a video ... whatever. I might still follow the Photo Hunt theme every once and a while when it truly inspires me, but not every week. I think I shall title this as my
" Saturday Something ...?"
What do you think?

That said, I'll kick off with a recipe this week. My American apple pie everybody asked about. Melli asked me for the recipe, so here we go Melli!
The recipe came from one of a series of cookbooks I got when my daughter was a just a few weeks old. Almost thirty years later I still cherish them ...

You will need:

40 g of butter
90 g of sugar
750 g of apples. I used Cox Orange
75 g of walnuts
some lemon juice

For the dough:

80 g of butter at room temperature
160 g of sugar
2 eggs
the zest of one lemon
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
80 g of flour
80 g of cornflour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
3-4 tablespoons of milk.
a pinch of salt.

I made step-by-step pictures of the whole recipe, and you should follow them clockwise.
( aren't you glad I take pictures of EVERYTHING Melli?) ;-)

Preheat the oven at 190°C

Line the bottom of the baking tin with a sheet of baking paper, and grease it with butter.
Cover the bottom of the tin with the rest of the softened butter, and sprinkle the sugar over it.

Peel the apples, and sprinkle them with some lemon juice to keep them nice and white.
Fill the holes with the walnuts, and set aside.
To make the dough, soften the butter with the mixer and add the sugar spoon by spoon.
Add the grated lemon zest the lemon juice. Separate the egg whites and the yolks, add the yolks and keep mixing until the mixture becomes slightly white. Add the flour, the cornflour, the baking powder and the milk. Mix until the dough is nice and smooth.
Beat the egg whites and spoon them in using a wooden spoon.
Spread the mixture evenly over the apples and the walnuts.

Bake for +/- 45 minutes at 190°C.
(I think you should test it with a needle, if it comes out dry, the cake is done).
Let it rest for at least ten minutes before you turn it upside down and remove the tin, and the baking paper.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Your Apple looks delicious. I can remember one time visiting my Aunt during Spring Break. She made a couple of apple pies. My cousin and I polished off one pie in one setting and the fresh cold milk helped wash the pie down.

Anonymous said...

If only I could cook. I'm glad that you are doing what you want to do for Saturday...and from the looks of it...this is so you :)

frogpondsrock said...

Thankyou Jientje and thankyou Melli, I was going to ask you for the recipe but I didn't have time. I have copied this recipe and I will let you know how it works for me.. cheers Kim :)

frogpondsrock said...

p.s I will send Veronica over here, She loves to cook as well.. cheers Kim

Avril said...

Oooh goodie - the recipe!!! I always pop some raisins and cinnamon in my apple pies - walnuts .. yummy!! Have to try your recipe!
Have been catching up with your blog - which is always such a pleasure to read - lovely happy photos of your Dad's birthday ... and your final alphabet letters are very good. Love the Z!

Becky said...

Would you just make me one and send it to me? It wouldn't survive the trip I know but sounds like a good idea to me since your pie looks so perfect. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

mmmm, Yum! I love apple cakes. But I've never heard of a Cox Orange Apple. Are they a tart variety?

Melli said...

Okay... well, first things first, I'll have to buy a spring form pan. Nope... I do NOT have one! Never even received one as a WEDDING gift! Can you believe it!? And I've made do all these years. I guess it's time...

NOW I just wonder how come an American Pie recipe comes in METRIC measures!!! ROFL!!! Don't worry... I'll figure it out! This pie is going to have to wait until I return from Wisconsin anyway... I just don't have TIME right now! (I leave MONDAY!!!)

MaR said...

Your wonderful apple pie is very, very tempting!!

quilly said...

Looks yummy! But it's not like any apple pie this American has ever seen?

Dr.John said...

I copied the recipe into my computer recipe book.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Apple is so yummy when warm! crispy crust and ahhhhh. I always love the way you present your recipes!

Christine said...

I haven't made an apple pie forever. My poor hubby. Maybe I should make him one for fathers day?

SandyCarlson said...

I love this break from the memes. Perhaps it's time for a new meme--the "whatever you want it to be" meme. I like this photo collage. I love apple pie. This makes me hungry.

Veronica said...

Yum! It looks delicous.

BLOGitse said...

AT LAST I can comment here!
Do you know how/why - I changed the browser from IE to Chrome!
So many posts I wanted to leave a comment but couldn't - and NOBODY knew or realized that my problem was the browser!!!

I do the same, break from memes...I just don't have enough time to visit & comment all the participants, which is the whole idea...

Your pie looks gooood! nami, nami! :)

Happy rest of the Sunday! :)

Nicole said...

That looks and sounds so good.
Instantly saved :)

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