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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Midweek Blues, The AIDA Blu


I came across this cruise ship quite unexpectedly when I was in Antwerp last week. It was due to sail off to Rotterdam only a few hours later. When I saw people boarding the ship I enquired if it was open for visitors. Unfortunately, the answer was negative.
Too bad, but never mind, at least I tried! I had fun anyway.
I hope the pictures give you some idea how tall that cruiser really was.









Midweek Blues is hosted by Colleen at The Dusty Cellar.
More photography by me at Heavenin365.


Loree said...

I'd love to sail off on that ship right now and see a different place. Great shots.

MaR said...

Those cruise ships are amazingly huge!! Great perspectives.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a grand lady of the seas! All those little windows look like beehives piled one on top of the other! Great photos!

Caution/Lisa said...

I think that cruise line should hire you to take their publicity shots.

United Studies said...

Cruise ships are so big, it makes me wonder if I could be cooped up with that many people for a week or two. :-) But great photos!

Suburban Girl said...

Wow, huge is right! I LOVE the shot with the little boy on the hammock. How sweet is that! I admire your guts asking if it was open for visitors. Always good to try.

The French Bear said...

That is massive, it makes you wonder how is possible to float? I think I might be a little panicky, I am terrified of being in a boat of any size!!! Your photos are so impressive, they really let you feel the scale of the ship!!! Beautiful!
Margaret B

moneythoughts said...

I love your pictures, but I too have no desire to be on a ship with 5,000 people. I once worked on a Norwegian freighter out of New Orleans in 1964, and it was a much much smaller ship. I might like a small ship for a cruise around the Baltic someday. : )

Gattina said...

nice pictures ! these are real swimming hotels or even villages. Our cruise ship had 4000 people on board ! staff and passengers included. There was everything on board. I dream again of a cruise !

Unknown said...

I can imagine spending a long while there! Wouldn't it be great!?

The Retired One said...

Great photos..but that cruise ship is TINY compared to the Carnival Cruise ship we took a few years ago. LOL

James said...

What a cool looking ship. It's so big too. I never see anything like it around here.

Colleen said...

That would be quite a sight to see, especially when you aren't expecting it. I noticed the little boy sitting on a hammock in one of the balconies. My first thought was "What fun!", my second thought was "Is that safe?!" :) I'm sure he was quite safe.
Great shots as always!

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