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Heaven is in Belgium

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday's Fave Five, Good Food, and a Good Book

Friday again, time to reflect on the week that has passed and post about five favorite things from your week. Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, if you're looking for the rules, they're here.

1. Cooking with my friend Annie. Annie and I spent all Saturday afternoon cooking up some nice and challenging recipes and then later that day our husbands joined us so we could all enjoy a lovely dinner.

2. Reading a good book with the cat on my lap. Lately I've read a Dog's Life and Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle and the Gypsy Madonna by Santa Montefiori, which I devoured in only one day!

3. The new cups and bowls I bought. I love the the gingham and dotted patterns and the cheerful pinks and greens to match the color scheme I used for my patio.

4. New doormats for my patio, they look very ... welcoming!

5. My husband painting the ceiling of my patio. I love how neat it now looks!


Willow said...

Your week sounds wonderful--reading with a cat, cooking, having a freshly painted and decorated patio. Summertime is perfect for those activities!

Colleen said...

You make the most amazing food. Looks delicious.
Love the new dishes. They're so cute and summery.

Wanda..... said...

Both of your husbands are lucky men!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

LOVE those new cups and bowls -- so cute. I'll be it's fun to cook with a friend.

Have a great week ahead.

Susanne said...

Love, love, love the dishes. So bright and fresh! Those peaches look wonderful. Are you sharing the recipe? Cooking with a friend is so much fun and makes the work easy.

Yay for hubby's who do the hard jobs!

Unknown said...

This all makes me hungry.

Kathie said...

You always make me hungry!

The new cups and bowls are darling!! And love your new mats as well. I need to get some.

I just ordered Gypsy Madonna from the library - looking forward to reading it - although my library stack is way too big!

Happy weekend!

TXDidi said...

Great things to celebrate for the week. I always enjoyed reading with a cat or two on my lap. I sure miss them now that they've passed on. Peter Mayle is a fun author to read. I always yearn for food and France when I read his works. Have a great week.

Catherine said...

I have a kitty on my lap right now! You picked up some great things this week! I love the cups and bowls, and that mat is great!

I wish I had a friend like Annie - my boys (including my husband) are not crazy about trying new things. :(

I was sorry to read that you have the same ailments I do. I hope you feel well this week!

Loree said...

I absolutely adore your cups and bowls. They are really pretty.

Barbara H. said...

I love those bowls! I love pink and green.

Fresh paint is so great for brightening up a room.

You look so cozy with your kitty.

Rob Siemann said...

Amazing pictures, once again!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Yummy looking - please do share the peach recipe. What is the green drink?

How fun to have a friend to cook with. I am cooking a lot this week so that I can fill the freezer for August. I would love to have some company.

Your new dishes look very cheery!

I hope this week is filled with times to read a great book with a cat on your lap.

fotorantje said...

aan het genieten van al je postjes
gezellige kommekes en koppen heb je

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