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Welcome to the new, and improved version of Heaven in Belgium. I am Jientje. "Jientje", like the boys name Gene, followed by "chu"? "Gene-chu", that's how you pronounce my name. Yes!!!!That's it!! So now you know huh? I am an addicted blogger. I was born and raised and am still living in Belgium. Yeah, the "this-is- Tuesday-so-this-must-be-Brussels" kind of Belgium .. There, you see? Maybe you couldn't find it on the map, but at least I'm trying to change that a little by sharing lots of pictures. I really love to cook and create new things, like this blog for instance. I am a mother,a grandmothe and a wife too! They say I'm a traveler, and a photographer. Well that's just what they say, I love to make pictures, but I am far from professional ... If my English is not perfect, that would be because it's my second language. I do hope you'll forgive me any possible misspellings or strange vocabulary ... Now, as a result of all of the above, I get way too little sleep and my days are always much too short!


Heaven is in Belgium

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Favorite Five, It's Good to be Back!

Friday again, time to reflect on the week that has passed and post about five favorite things from your week. Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story, if you're looking for the rules, they're here.
Now, all I need to do is look at the pictures I've taken throughout the week to discover my favorite five things, so here we go!

1. We got back from France almost two weeks ago now, and I needed some time to get the laundry and some household chores done. We had a wonderful time in France and I came back well rested and full of energy.
I get up two hours earlier than I used to, just to be able to get some extra blogging time. I love the early hours when the house is quiet and my head is clear! The weather was lousy last Sunday so I took the time to post some pictures of my holiday in France. I was stunned and overwhelmed by all the lovely comments from all of you welcoming me back, telling me you missed me. I really had no idea how much this blog means to all of you and I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and kind words. I promise I will continue to make time and try to be a better blogger in the future!

2. While we were away, we had the plumber over to do some work on my patio. Now that that's over and done with, I could finally rearrange the flower pots and decorate my patio again.

3. We bought some new hanging baskets and flowering plants

4. and two lovely coral red bistro chairs to go with the small table on my patio.

5. I had a lovely day out with my friend Nana last week. It was her birthday three weeks earlier and she bought me lunch. We had a lovely time catching up on the latest things in our lives. After lunch we made a little photo walk and photographed wild flowers. A day out with her is always such a treat, I'm already looking forward to the next time we meet!

6. Speaking of treats, I made Devil's Fire Shrimp ( Scampi Diavolo Fuoco in Italian, doesn't it sound better in Italian?) and my husband licked his plate with his fingers. Need I say more?


Kathie said...

It sounds like you a very lovely week! Lunch with a friend and afternoon photographing wildflowers sounds like a perfect way to spend a day to me!

Hope you post that recipe - it must be good - although I'm thinking maybe it's spicy with that name!

Happy weekend!

Colleen said...

I was wondering what was so good that your husband was licking the bowl. Shrimp Diavolo sound yummy!

Your deck looks so cozy and inviting.

Faith said...

Yummy...my own hubby would love that...and yes, he'd try to pronounce it in Italian altho he is a WASP! I am half French and we enjoyed a trip to Paris last year for the first time...>LOVED LOVED LOVED it...as did my 2 daughters who now want to go back (actually we all would love that!)....and yay for lunch dates with friends and time with a camera!

Wanda..... said...

Enjoyed all the different views of your patio, Jientje, loved the rolled up hedgehog and will look for a Scampi Diavolo Fuoco recipe on Google!

Nana said...

Proud to be part of your fave five once in a while. :-)

Maude Lynn said...

I just love Shrimp Diavolo!

Anonymous said...

Nice, happy, Summery, colourful week !! Lovely!

Gattina said...

The best picture is your husband licking the plate ! hahaha ! that's too funny ! Ideal picture for Wordless Wednesday !
Yesterday we had 12°C ! can you tell me where summer is ??

Susanne said...

The picture of your hubby licking the plate clean with his fingers made me smile. Now that's the best compliment to your cooking!

New bistro chairs and new plants sound like it will make for a very nice new patio.

Carletta said...

Hi Jientje,
It was so nice to see you in my comments today. :)
Your weeks are always filled with such a lovely variety of happenings and you always seem to remember to take a photo.
I scrolled down and saw some lovely shots of your vacation. Looking forward to seeing more.
Your images are always well done so I hope to see you on a more regular basis again.
I've had my granddaughters for three weeks and will for one more so blogging is sporadic for me at the moment but I'll be back. :)

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Ha! OH does that finger-licking thing!

I'm still not quite back into the swing of blogging again, but I always miss you when you don't post!

Everything sounds better in Italian! Even things like 'Odio aringhe' which means 'I hate herrings'. LOL!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

i was glad to see your post at fff as i have missed you and your lovely photos, Jientje.

someday I hope to become fluent in italian. in the meantime i can impress my friends with the sentence Jay left in the comments: 'Odio aringhe.' ;)

your patio is going to look darling with your coral red bistro chairs and new hanging baskets. flowers sure liven up a space.

ao glad you are refreshed from your trip to france. many times i come hope exhausted from trips. i, too, hope to revisit france as it has been almost 2 decades since i've been.

have a great week.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your pictures are always breathtaking! Love those little bistro chairs. We just returned too, and it does take a while to "recover" from vacation, doesn't it? Have a great week ahead!

Brenda said...

There are so many wonderful things to comment on here, but those red patio chairs really caught my eye, they are pretty!

Catherine said...

Welcome back! thank you for sharing your favorites and your photos. I'd probably have licked the plate, too. :)

Bientje said...

Hihihi, I also was wondering what exactly was so yummy for your hubby to lick the plate with such enthousiasm!
Big hug,
Your little sister

fotorantje said...

gezellige levensgenieters zijn jullie hé, het straalt van je foto's af

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