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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Fave Five, Shop Till You Drop

Friday again, already the next to last day of this beautiful Spring month! Time to look back on what has passed and share some highlights of the week. Time to join Friday's Fave Five, hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

1. We had our annual day trip with my cooking class. Lunch at the Villa Christina was divine, and the plates looked like paintings as you can see on the top left of my collage. I particularly enjoyed the scallops with pea puree and a bell pepper compote.

2. Lunch and a day out shopping for clothes with my friend Nana. The clothing style advice I got at my daughter's color style home party was very interesting and has opened my eyes. I did find out however that it isn't always easy to find what you are looking for once you know exactly what (not) to wear.

3. A photo walk with my photography class at the MAS museum site in Antwerp last night. After the walk we returned to the class and viewed each other's pictures. It was very interesting to see everybody else's photos from the same location.

4. One of my fellow class mates and his sister treated us with hot coffee and chocolate after the walk. That was very considerate of them, since we were all cold and shivery after the walk. It was the best cup of coffee I had all week!

5. A lot of quality time with my hubby this week. He worked from home this week, and it was so nice to spend some extra time together!

Project 366 # 90

This is the last picture I took last night. I was rather in a hurry, because we were on our way to the car. Turns out to be one of my favorites from this photo walk.


ellen b said...

I can see why that last photo is your favorite. Very nice capture. That food is making my mouth water. It sounds like you had a good full week. Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

I can taste the scallops now! When's lunch? :)

Gattina said...

Sounds like a nice week you had !
I had difficulties to find nice "Skywatch" pictures, or the sky was boring blue and now it's boring grey (and cold, brrr)

FilipBlog said...

The food looks really good.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I got to spend a lot of time with my sweet man last week also. I love that. I love those little grape hyacinth's and the picture of the nuclear power plant is pretty cool.

Brenda said...

Hot coffee on a cold day tastes extra good! Your food pictures look wonderful as always.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

So you're doing two classes! Good for you! The plates do look nice, I must say.

I love that photo. I can't speak for the others, since I haven't seen them, but that one is very evocative!

Susanne said...

Beautiful picture! It would be fun to look at everyone's pictures and see all the perspectives of the same location.

Yeah for those who bring hot drinks and treats. And it looks like you had some wonderful meals too!

Catherine said...

Those dishes look almost too good to eat. I hope they tasted as wonderful as they looked!
It sounds like you had a nice week with your classmates, friends, and your husband. I cherish those little moments. Your photos are beautiful, as always :)

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Hope you have better luck next time you go shopping. I find that if I have the money to spend, I am not lucky in finding items to buy! Why is that?

Wow - how impressive that you are involved in two classes. And what a beautiful way to treat your senses.

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