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Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

The weather was mostly clouded and overcast with some sunny spells late Saturday afternoon, and some heavy rain on Sunday afternoon.
Saturday was quite a busy day. I was up early and I quite enjoyed doing some little chores and making preparations for lunch.

We went to the market to get some cheese, and a chicken for the chicken fricassee I wanted to make the next day for supper.

I had sorted out some new Weight Watchers recipes and planned our meals for the weekend the previous day, so I didn't have to worry about what to cook and make sure I bought all the right ingredients.

We had Belgian endives with Brie for lunch. ( Click the link to find an interesting site about Belgian endive)

After lunch I did a little photo shoot of our new car. Photos will follow!
We still had a couple more errands to run, and my husband needed to deliver some paperwork in Mechelen, so we wanted to spend some time visiting Mechelen.

I wanted to make photos at the beguinage but that was nothing more than a couple of small streets, not photogenic at all. Instead we visited the Saint Rombouts cathedral and took some pictures there.

When we got back, it was after dark already and I still had to cook! I made salmon with leeks and fresh pasta. Easy to make but it tasted divine!

After supper we did a little wine tasting experiment, because we wanted to find out which cava was the best. The more expensive one turned out to be the best one.

Project 366 # 65

My hubby slept in on Sunday and I enjoyed some me time reading the paper with the cat on my lap.

Sunday breakfast should always be a feast in my home, so this time we had breakfast with bubbles. It was almost noon by then anyway!

In the afternoon, I divided my time between my computer and the kitchen. Some cooking, some blogging, editing some photos ...
I made a chicken fricassee from scratch and a Moroccan turkey tajine for the next day. For dessert I made a chocolate mousse with Maltesers, also a Weight Watcher's recipe.

After supper we watched the Ultimate Dance Battle on television, and that was it ...
The weekend has whizzed by in a jiffy! Should I mention it was too short?


Unknown said...

Doesn't it always seem that weekends are too short? Wonderful food pictures, Jientje. Now I'm hungry.

Tara R. said...

Had to quickly convert your 15-degs into Fahrenheit, I thought at first that didn't sound too warm.

Scrolling down through your photos, the one of the cathedral took my breath. Amazing architecture, a stunning image.

Nana said...

Notice you tried my chocolate mousse! Hope you liked it. :-) Love to visit Mechelen but you must try it on saturday morning, marketday.

FilipBlog said...

Nice combination of good photos, we are dancers and we also enjoy watching the ultimate dance battle.


Loree said...

This post has made me so hungry. Your photos look good enough to eat :) It sounds like you had a busy weekend.

Carletta said...

I feel exactly like Loree - hungry!
Your photos are just fabulous today! Not they aren't always but so many today made my mouth drop open. :)
Your car photo is a wow!!

spacedlaw said...

Yum. All this lovely food. Which reminds me I have endives at home...

maggie said...

Oh my gosh, the food! Your food always looks so amazing!!

fotorantje said...

Mechelen, nog iets waar ik nog eens naartoe wil
en njammie, bij jou wil ik wel eens ontbijten :-)

Shubhi said...

Your Sunday breakfast looks soooo amazing!

Can I join in?:p


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