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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ABC in idioms, A and B

If "language is the dress of thoughts" ( Johnson),
then idioms must the wardrobe.

When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by the colourful language my grandmother used.
She had such a way with words, she had her own funny ways to describe things and that memory still makes me smile. As long as people have been around, they have tried to communicate with each other. As a means of getting the message across as clearly as possible, idioms and sayings have found their way into our language.
Now, because a picture paints a thousand words, I thought it would be nice to make this a new photo challenge. The idea is to pick an idiom, or a saying, ( even slang is allowed) and illustrate it with a picture. Each week we'll cover two letters of the alphabet, okay?
So here we go...

By the way, I sure hope people will join in on the fun, I'd hate to be the only one?
If you're in, let me know in a comment and I'll add your link, okay?

A rising tide lifts all boats."

This idiom was used by president Kennedy and it means all people will benefit from a better economy. So let's just hope the tide rises again soon huh?

B is for ...

Bread and butter issues are ones that affect people in a very direct way.

I had fun looking for them, and I learned a lot.
I can't wait to see what others will come up with?

Okay, we've got a first entry and she did great! Hop on over to Quilly's to check what she has up her sleeve!! Click the link to see Quilly's post.

And Mar joined in too, here's the link:

Thom has joined in as well.

And another entry came from Cindy, it's here:


MaR said...

I simply love idioms and sayings, I even used to collect them in a little book many years ago (I still have it!).
Love your approach and creativity, Jientje. I am way too busy these days to join in, it isn't an easy challenge! It will be enjoyable to see what players come up with.
Have a wonderful day!

Gattina said...

At first glance it looks quite difficult to me. Where do I get the idioms from ? I know quite a lot in German or French but not in English. And translating makes no sense sometimes. Would it be on Wednesdays ? I am not sure if it will work for me.

Jientje said...

@ Mar: It's not that hard if I can do it? Others? If there are any!
@ Gattina: There are several sites where you can find them. If you click on the links of the idioms you'll find one. If you do a Google search on idioms you should find several!

Anonymous said...

some questions...when is this due? Is there a Mr. Linky? Do we have to explain the idiom like you did or just show the picture...oh wait...we need the idiom below the picture I get it now...

Jientje said...

@ Thom: I was planning on doing this on Wednesdays. No Mr Linky yet, just tell me when it's up and I'll add the links in the text. Oh and um ... I found "blonde bombshell" yesterday, maybe you might want to do that one!! ;-) Teehee!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I was hoping you would do that. I'll try and get mine up tomorrow...it's late and I"m off to bed and have no pictures LOL...oh my...but next week I'm assuming on Wednesday it will be C and D? night night

quilly said...

You started out in super form -- as always! I especially like your bread and butter shot. It looks so tasty!

I'm playing along and mine are up!

Oh! And tell Gattina that if her Wednesdays are too busy, she can always get her post ready in advance and set it to auto post!

MaR said...

Convinced!! so I quickly updated my post...hope it is fine with you.

Unknown said...

Okay, now I'm hungry. Lovely photos, as always.

Prospero said...

Very interesting. I'll think on it.

Melli said...

I'll catch up next week Jientje! You know I'll be in on this ... just not this week! THESE are great!!! I love that boat pic - even without an idiom!

Robynn's Ravings said...

You know this is right up my alley with my "Observational Twitters" because they are based on such things. LOVE YOURS!!!!! and the accompanying photos, of COURSE!

Anonymous said...

Okay mines up

Dr.John said...

I would join in but for an old saying
"There are only twenty four hours in a day"

Cindy said...

I found this via Quilly and thought it looked like fun, so my entry is up.

A Bird In The Hand

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! I'd love to be on the boat eating that bread. ;-)


Unknown said...

Wow what fun! I'll see if I can come up with one, don't add me yet though, I'm so far behind I may have to just jump in with C & D but I'll try! I love the bread and butter photo!

Christine said...

I love bread and butter. I love toast and jam.

Doug The Una said...

Bread and butter, phrases and photos. Nice site.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

These were good, I think I am just going to watch the game, looking forward to seeing the rest.

Lilacspecs said...

I'll give it a whirl. Any day of the week, right?

Pacey said...

I want to join but I think it'll be next week on my other blog. I still have to collect some idioms and see what photo will match. And I think I'm late for now.

BTW, i speak a little dutch, used to work in a'dam. And I thought anything with -tje on the end of a word means "little" hahah..so your'e a little Jien.

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