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Heaven is in Belgium

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Fave Fave, What a Wonderful Week!

I really don't know where my week has gone to! I have been very busy all week and there were loads of good things foe me to enjoy!
Time to look back and share some of the highlights from this wonderful week!
Time to join Friday's Fave Five hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

1. Bought myself flowers on Friday. They were the finishing touch to my Easter and Spring decorations.

2. We have a nesting dove on our patio. She has two little ones.

3. At the lifestyle exposition we visited on Saturday I got a massage with the spa capsule. It's a machine which gives you a water massage without getting you wet. Relaxing music from the headphones and a fifteen minutes soothing massage ... Needless to say, I did not want to get out of that machine, it was sheer heaven!

4. We had a day out with the cooking school yesterday. We visited a horses dairy farm, a brewery and a company which makes advocaat, refined jams, liqueurs, and chocolates.

5. The half liter of advocaat I brought home to gift to my husband, it tastes delicious!
For those of you who never heard of advocaat, I looked it up from Wikkipedia:
Advocaat (or advokat) is a rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy. It has a smooth, custard-like flavor. In English-speaking countries it generally contains 15% alcohol (30 proof), but in Continental Europe the typical alcohol content differs from country to country and is generally somewhere between 14% and 20% ABV. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream (or evaporated milk)


Robynn's Ravings said...

First? I'm FIRST?? Yay! Hi Jientje! I've been gone so long but your life is still LUSCIOUS and SUMPTUOUS! Lovely photos and hello friend across the sea! :)

Colleen said...

Great pictures. I especially love the one on the bottom right. The spa capsule sounds wonderful, but at first glance I thought it was some sort of fancy outdoor grill. :D

TXDidi said...

The massage sounds heavenly. Did the capsule get closed for the massage? I'm wondering if it felt claustrophobic. I've never heard of that drink but the ingredients sound quite good. It almost sounds a bit like our eggnog.

Gattina said...

I don't like avocat liquor, it's to sweet and creamy for me. How cute that you house a little bird family on your patio !

Lisa notes... said...

Good for you in buying flowers. I’m sure they’re lovely. Nesting dove? How sweet. That machine does sound heavenly! I have never heard of advocaat. You have had a lovely sensuous week!

Jerralea said...

I love fresh flowers!

The massage sounds wonderful - I like the part about not getting wet!

Maude Lynn said...

I just love the picture of the doves!

Loree said...

I love flowers and those strawberries caught my eye - nothing like a pop of red to get my full attention :) Can't say I like advocat since I am not a big fan of eggs.

Unknown said...

Advocaat? I'll have to see if I can find that here.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

That spa capsule sounds divine! All your photos are just lovely, as usual.

Barbara H. said...

It's fun to buy flowers!

I love to watch birds with little ones.

The day out with the cooking school sounds really interesting.

Susanne said...

I have never heard of a massage like that. How on earth do you get a water massage without getting wet? Sounds intriguing!

I love buying spring flowers for inside the house. Just adds such nice color.

Pat said...

I've always been tempted to get one of those massages. They have them in the shopping malls.

That drink sounds somewhat like a "Tom and Jerry" in the States. Only it is served warm.

Catherine said...

I always look at the pictures first, and was trying to figure out the spa. it sounds wonderful! What a lovely week. I love buying myself flowers, too.

Willow said...

I could certainly use that massage capsule right now! You always have wonderful weeks--and I enjoy seeing it in your mosaic of photos.

Avril said...

Such a joy to pop into your world again!! You have Spring whilst we're in Autumn with leaves falling and temperatures dropping a bit.
Cutest little baby bird - our Jackie (Jack Russell) would just love to grab them - she's so naughty, catches baby birds when they learning to fly :( poor parents .. all that effort to raise a baby and it's gone in an instant :(
Love all your foodie mouth-watering photos !! Yummm !!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH! We owned 2 of those machines years ago and had a kiosk at a mall where we did the same thing! AQUA MASSAGE. After a couple of years we had one in our garage....I loved it! Put the headphones on and listen to music while having your body beat down with water! It is amazing...I miss that water massage machine! I haven't seen them any where for a long long time!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

I'm with you on the flowers, but ... I had one of those waterless water massages once and I had to bang on the capsule to be let out, it was agony! Of course, fibromyalgia makes your muscles and ligaments extra sensitive and the poor man couldn't understand why his machine had hurt me. :p

And I can't drink advocaat because of the eggs. My Mum has always loved it though!

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