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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Fave Five, Counting the Days ...

March. I'm counting the days till Spring, I am! That's why I'm using the Spring logo for this post. It's been a rather grayish week weather wise, lots of overcast skies, but the temperatures have been very high, which gives us a feeling like Spring is in the air now!
Ok, so now it's time to look back upon the past week and post about the things I'm grateful for, that's what Susanne's Fave Five is all about!

1. Great food. Last Saturday, my friend Annie and I cooked up a gourmet meal together. Later that day our husbands joined us and we all enjoyed the fruits of our labour together. I especially loved the young pigeon with apple and Calvados!

2. On Sunday my hubby and I made a photo walk in Doel. Doel is a ghost town by the river the Schelde in Antwerp. The people of Doel had to leave their houses and make way for the plans to expand the harbor of Antwerp. The entire village is up for demolition. Nature is taking over the gardens, and graffiti painters have decorated the empty houses, which gives this ghost town a very special touch.

3. My snowdrops are (almost finished) blooming. How I have loved these first signs of Spring on my patio looking at them from my kitchen window!

4. I made a menu plan for the next couple of days. I'm not much of a planner usually, but yesterday I took the time to look up some new recipes and plan what we're going to eat the next days with the ingredients I have in my fridge. I should do this more!

5. Putting my feet up and reading my favorite magazine with a cup of coffee within reach!

Project 366 #62


Faith said...

love your springtime faves! here in the capital area of New York State we had our first snowfall of the year....4 inches, which gave me a snow day from teaching. my husband's job was open though but thank God it's gonna all melt by tomorrow as temps are climbing back up to the 50s. YAY! I LOVE spring.....enjoy your weekend

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Nice, shallow depth of field. Excellent color.

Carrie said...

You are very creative in the food department!

I love going grocery shopping and planning meals. And other times I really love the challenge of using up what's already in the fridge! That's it's own kind of fun.

Hope you have a great weekend - beginning to enjoy signs of spring!

Tara R. said...

I love the graffiti! All such beautiful shots.

FilipBlog said...

Very good collage and it clear from this that you are an excelllent cook.


kayerj said...

I love the blossoms :)

Brenda said...

Pigeon is not something we usually eat but I would not be opposed to trying it. Your food looks amazing! Love the picture of the door with the writing over the top. I always look forward to this post of yours.

Susanne said...

Yum, Yum. Your meal sounds and looks delicious.

The photo walk would be so interesting. I can't imagine being forced to give up my home for expansion and demolition.

Lovely picture of the tulips just starting to open. Love the colors.

Rob Siemann said...

A masterwork, as usual!

fotorantje said...

mooi en lekker

Willow said...

I told my husband that we should try eat from our pantry for a few days just to use up some supplies. I'll have to plan meals...
So sad about the village of Doen. Where did the people move? (Great photos though)

Catherine said...

I am so late to visit this week - but I'm glad! I had time to linger and see the world through your camera lens. You take such beautiful photos. I enjoyed all of these, and your fun weekend, too. The photos from the ghost town are fantastic, and so sad, too.

I hope you have been having a nice week, and I look forward to reading about it soon. :)

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