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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

Inquiring minds want to know " what did you do this weekend? " This meme is hosted by Gattina and it helps you remember what you did during the weekend.

As always the weekend went by much too fast and I'm glad I took so many pictures. We did not have any special plans but to just go with the flow but some unexpected things made the weekend memorable!

The weather was a bit gray and dull on Saturday, but Sunday was a very warm and sunny Spring day. We went to the weekly market Saturday morning and we had to hurry home because we forgot to take an umbrella. I bought some Primula's to add a splash of color on my patio. After lunch we did some shopping. I had two coupons of 12.5 € each we had gotten in exchange of two pairs of old shoes, so we went out to buy new ones. Here are mine, nice huh?

Around four pm we had coffee in a tea room in our neighborhood. We had not been there yet since it had new owners, and the pancakes were delicious.
That's when my hubby got an idea. "I want to go to the theatre" he said. I said "you must be kidding, we don't even know if there is a play or not?"
Half an hour later we were the proud owners of the last two tickets for a comic play. It was all sold out, but two people had canceled their tickets and we got theirs. We were very lucky, don't you think?

We had salmon with a beetroot rösti and cucumber sauce for dinner.

I had my little baby camera in my purse and took some photos of the performance.

The play was about a family party for the sixtieth wedding anniversary of the grandparents.

It was hilarious, we laughed till our bellies ached!

Sunday breakfast, always a treat...

I had gotten up early and baked blueberry muffins ...

... and made a strawberry banana yogurt trifle.

In the afternoon we did a Spring clean up on our patio. Removed dead plants and cleaned the tiles with the pressure cleaner.

My hubby always finds ways to tell me that he loves me, isn't that sweet?

We had our tea outside on our patio, enjoying the warm Spring sun.
After that I practiced with my camera some more. I have two assignments for photography class that need to get done. I made a portrait of my husband and made some abstract compositions for the other assignment. After several takes, this is the result ...

Project 366 #72

By then it was time for supper. We had scallops with endives as a starter and pork with salsify in a cream sauce. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures!
The rest of the evening was spent watching television. Or rather ... sleeping, because I fell asleep in front of the television set! LOL!


Gattina said...

What a nice weekend ! the theatre was certainly very funny ! Sunday was a wonderful day, I went to the midi market in Brussels but didn't buy anything. The shoes are very nice !
We haven't done anything in the garden yet, it's a little bit early.

21 Wits said...

Your weekend sounds perfect, and each photo is truth of it. What an amazing early morning feast you prepared too. I too, have my handy little pocket camera for shots just like yours of the performance, it's always in my purse. Oh, and yes, those shoes are just my kind of color and style!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Looks like you had a perfect weekend! I love that serendipitous moment when things come together perfectly...like the way you got the tickets to the show!

Rob Siemann said...

My, this was a very fine weekend!

FilipBlog said...

Looks like a nice piece and the yogurt looks great.


Carletta said...

As always Jientje your photos and glimpses into your life are just wonderful!
I'd love to have Sunday breakfast with you - yum!
I think your portrait of your husband turned out very well.

fotorantje said...

dat was weer een gezellige en leuke week
inderdaad mooi portret van je hubby, ook hoe hij zo zalig verlekkerd kijkt naar die trifle

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