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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Melli's ABC challenge U and V

Time for Melli's alphabet challenge featuring U and V this week.
I totally overlooked U, and I had to browse through my archives to find one!

But there are three U's in this picture, can you find them?

This V is one I snapped in Bruges on Saturday.

But this is my pride and joy!!
My V for Melli!!
And the dragonheads are a bonus!

Looking for more?
Hop over to Melli's place to meet the other players.


Leora said...

Love your middle photo, with the metal of the bridge and the colors reflected in the water. The terra cotta red makes the composition sing.

Thom said...

My Belgian Bombshell...wonderful finds. They are excellent. Fandango is going to like them also :) I U is great and the V with the water in the background...excellent :)

Nessa said...

Great letters. I love the dragons.

Rabbit, rabbit.

Carletta said...

Great finds Jientje!
That coal pan is awfully fancy.
The dragon V - who else could find that.

MaR said...

I only found two u's...
love your choices, once again!!

Avril said...

Fantastic! Clever you! Simply love the previous photo of the chappie taking a photo of the nuns!!!!

Melli said...

You MADE my day! I'm smiling BIG! Those dragon heads are fabulous! With our without Vs! With is better though! And yep - I found all the U's - and I wonder how you can make a pan of ashes look like art!?

Melli said...

COAL! Excuse me... a pan of COAL!

Gattina said...

All very nice ! I think I am getting mad slowly, I see letters everywhere !

Libby's Library said...

I hate to see this challenge end. Will it start all over again?
BTW I've started my very own Bucket List. Coming to see you is right at the top!!!

Anonymous said...

You always have such neat ones! I saw the U in the ash bin, the shovel, and upside down in the stove. Great ones! And both your vs are really unique.

Momisodes said...

These are awesome! As always. But I have to agree, those dragon heads are a bonus. Very cool!

Thom said...

Rabbit, rabbit

Dr.John said...

Ho ray for the dragon heads. Great choices for today's letters.

Christine said...

I found three U's! Clap Clap

Terri said...

Great letters! I see two Us in the first one, one is upside down. Three?

Becky said...

Love those dragons! You are so very clever. There are so many things around us if we only stopped to look. Great job as usual, Jientje!!

Thanks for stopping by to check on me and my little one.

Jientje said...

@ Leora: I did not really notice that when I took it but it turned out great, I agree.
@ Thom: Thanks.
@ Nessa: So do I!
@ Carletta, when I saw the dragons my heart almost skipped a beat!
@ Mar: But there are three!
@ Avril: Thanks!
@ Melli: I just KNEW you would like them!
I took five or six pictures and then went back again, just to make sure I got it right!
@ Gattina: This challenge does that to you, although I forgot to hunt for a U!
@ Libby: Start over? Don't think so! We will most likely hunt for something else after this!
Ideas anyone?
@ Barbara H: You found them!
@ Sandy: I love dragons!
@ Thom: rabbit rabbit to you too!
@ Dr John: I thought you'd like them too!
@ Christine: Bravo!
@ Terri: Yes! Three!
@ Sassydog: That is so true.
Take courage my friend, my thought are with you.

Unknown said...

You are just so good at this! I did find the three Us!

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