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Heaven is in Belgium

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kirsti’s February Photo Challenge.


March 1st already!! WOOT! Although I’m only in it for the sport, I really LOVE to participate in Kirsti’s Photo Hunt. I’m always having so much fun trying to complete the list she challenges us with. Although I must say I  missed three categories this time. 
All items are open to interpretation, she said  so here we go!



1. A tower


2. “Main Street”

3. Five, sorry, missed that one!


4. A dog or cat


5. Two of a kind



6. A clock: Guiness Time is always the right time, because the clock is at two minutes past seven at all times. So if you come home too late from the Irish pub at least you can blame it on the clock!

7. A game : I gotz nuttin’ 


8. Something sweet


9. B&W with selective coloring


10. Your own reflection

11. A mirror image
12. Night image :   Shame on me!


13. Something homemade


14. Something pink


15. Something romantic


16. A candid shot


17. A portrait


18. A symbol of love

19. A landscape: okay maybe this is a waterscape, but Kirsti said we could stretch it?


20. Chocolate

Find more players at Kirsti’s Photo Hunt Challenges.


Rebecca Johnson said...

Oh I love all your shots, but I think your tower is my favourite! How clever!

I also loved your selectively coloured eggs and your homemade bread (though I think you should come share your bread with me)

Nukke said...

Lovely pics all ! N:O 1. is my Favourite !!! Well done ! I also like 10, 16, 20.

Ballerina Girl said...

Great job Jientje! #9 and your photo are my favorites!


Unknown said...

I love these shots ... but number 2 ... there's something so special about number 2 ... the thing is ... the 'look' seems to work for him. Sorta. Personally, I think he needs a pair of long, shiny, earrings.

Krisu said...

You have a wonderful series of photos here! The tower shot is sooo clever and cool, and I do want to eat your chocolate and your bread! Not to mention the selective coloring egg! Well done!

Rian said...

Nice collection. The tower is outstanding, and the eggs are great too.

moneythoughts said...

I agree with Rebecca, I like the reflection of the tower. Very nicely done. I enjoyed the other photos too.

Caution/Lisa said...

I'm still stuck on Main Street. That one confused me.

Those photo hunts are fun to see - especially with such a gifted photographer.

James said...

These are fantastic! The top reflection is a masterpiece. But after seeing “Main Street” I'm wondering what to wear when I come to Belgium. :)

kayerj said...

main street--what's up with the guy in a skirt and heels? All are wonderful, loving especially sweet and romantic.

Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Wanda..... said...

Your tower reflection and something sweet photos were my favorites!

The Retired One said...

Loved all that you captured to meet her themes...and it gives me ideas for future photo themes for my photo contests too!!!

Ang said...

So you're Main Street shot is... interesting ;) I love your tower too... what a great idea. I always love when you enter the hunts... great job on all the photos!

Unknown said...

wow all of your shots are pretty great! someday I will have the time to do this, but now...my days are so limited, maybe when we have more daylight time ehh??

Samara Link said...

Jientje, your photos are fabulous. You really have an amazing talent in photography. That totally makes up for the fact that you missed a few! No biggie. I just love that you participate because your stuff is so good. For example, I thought your photo of the egss for selective color was simple beauty. I love it! I also liked your shot for candid and something romantic. They're such good out-and-about street shots. Your main street made me laugh! That better be in the favorites. :) Your two of a kind and something homemade looks like something I'd buy and frame for my house. I really enjoyed your shots. You do a great job with your camera.

Unknown said...

Love the reflection, chocolate, bread and more! Laughed hard at main street!

Julie Brooks said...

Great pictures! They are all excellent, my favorites are your tower (amazing perspective!) and your B&W with selective coloring

Loree said...

Awesome photos but the first one just has to be my favourite.

Colleen said...

Okay, I am definitely going to have to look up these photo hunts. What fun!

#2....That man has GREAT legs! LOL!!

The French Bear said...

Woo Hooo I love hem all, you have my vote!!! I really love the first one with the tower and the clock!
Margaret B

Mari said...

I´ve always liked your photos... This month tower and main street. Lovely!

Kristi said...

Jientje, you never cease to amaze me with your view on things and the incredibly photography you capture. I absolutely loved every one of these. The tower, chocolate, bread.....all. Magnificent!

Raquel said...

Great collection. Your tower photo was unbelievable. I also really liked your kitty and your eggs :) Great job.

Kala said...

Again I will comment on the splendid image of the chocolates!

Heidi said...

Those heels must have been very comfortable! Your main street was hilarious!!
And your chocolate is to die for. Makes me very hungry.:)
I also loved your waterscape. It looks so pretty and peaceful rippling in the water the way that it is. Beautiful!
Wonderful collection!
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

Wendy said...

I feel such a connection to you. I told you my grandparents came to America from Belgium and my dad had similar talents in photography to you. He was able to compose an outstanding picture that would make people respond much like all your "fans" of your sight. I love to see what you will do next and it always evokes a smile. Keep up the good work.

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