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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The making of ... Bread Pudding

This is entry #8 of my Project 366. In case you're wondering, this was not just another snapshot, oh no!

Date: 08/01/2012 15:59
Model: Canon EOS D40
ISO: 200
Exposure time: 1/4 sec
Aperture: 11
Exposure Bias: - 0.00 EV
Focal Length: 44.0 mm
Metering Mode: center weight
Flash Used: no
Exposure: manual
Exposure mode: manual
White balance: auto

I baked bread pudding this morning. When it came out of the oven, I knew I wanted to use it to make my photo of the day. I tried a couple of compositions, but none of it seemed to really work. So I ate a piece for breakfast, then noticed it had become a lot more interesting with the missing piece, so I got to work again. I took about twenty photos of it (handheld, using manual settings and auto focus) and showed them to my husband, who advised me to use a piece of white cardboard to reflect the light and eliminate the shadows.

This photo shows how it was made.
Then we took it one step further, by using the tripod. I changed the settings, changed the composition over and over again ...

To make a long story short, I took about 90 photos before I was satisfied with what I got!


ellen b. said...

And that is why digital photography is such a blessing being able to take the 90 photos till you are satisfied! Enjoy...

Susanne said...

I love bread pudding but have never seen it come out in one piece and sliced like that. Good for you for being so persistent because in the end you got a great shot that makes me drool! :v)

Adrianne Molin said...

My most favorite dessert! Yum!

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Anonymous said...

Perfect !! Satisfaction is the key .. even though it took 90 shots!!
Looks yummy too! Would it be the same as our bread and butter pudding (very English!) My Mum used to make it - I have not perfected it sadly

fotorantje said...

mmmmmm broodpudding daar ben ik zot van!!

fotorantje said...

nu pas lees ik hoeveel foto's je nam, hihi, zo herkenbaar

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

I remember being told quite early in my photography 'career' that professional photographers only expected to get two or three great shots from each roll of film. As someone else said 'thank heaven for digital cameras!!

Your photos are great. You can even make bread pudding look almost attractive, nasty stuff that it is! LOL!

Tara R. said...

Very clever light reflector. I want to get my Hubs to make me a lightbox for similar photos. The bread pudding looks really great too.

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