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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Withering Blues ...

This is what I said about Project 366 two weeks ago:

"I know (from last time I gave this a try) how much you learn if you pick up that camera each and every day. I also learned I should not make my own rules too hard this time. I know there will also be days where I won't have the time or the inspiration to take a new photo.
Therefor, I'm not going to take a new picture each day, all I'm saying is I'm going (try to) POST a picture each day. Some of them might be from my archives, and I even might skip a day or two and post three pictures the next day."

I think today is the day. I'm not going to pick up that camera today, or if I do, I'm not going to spend all afternoon editing photos. I have to attend cooking class in the morning, and in the afternoon I really NEED to do some household chores! I want the house to be neat and tidy when our daughter Patsy is coming over on Saturday to celebrate her dad's birthday. I took a lot of photos yesterday, (learned a lot too, that's a bonus), so I'm going to post one of those.
Now, Rebecca - at the Dusty Cellar - is hosting Midweek Blues today, and I think I have just the right picture for this meme. While I was on my patio looking for signs of Spring, I noticed that the flowers on my Gentiana - which blooms early November - had not completely withered yet.
The flowers are closed and have dried up a little, but the blue color is still visible. Maybe it is because of the mild Winter we've been having around here, I don't know, and I don't know how long the color will last should it start to freeze?

So there, my entry for today, #11 for Project 366, ... enjoy!


Suburban Girl said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. I would stress so much if I were to do a post a day but you have a good approach to it. We have had a mild winter too...but in fall we had snow. Things are a bit mixed up this year!

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous. Beautiful shot.

As for me, I am getting accustomed to taking my camera EVERYWHERE with me - just like a woman gets used to carrying a purse, I'm getting used to having my camera bag slung over my shoulder. When I'm driving, I take the camera out of the bag and sit it on the passenger seat - ready to go should I see something I want to stop and shoot. Now all I have to do is get better at 'seeing' a potential photograph.

Rob Siemann said...

My, this is amazing.

Unknown said...

lovely, especially because still some blue is in there!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, I love that photo!! I'd be happy to hang that one on my wall - and my wall space is very limited, I can tell you.

Gorgeous. :)

fotorantje said...

bij gebrek aan winter, hebben de planten/bloemen een langer leven hé

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