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Heaven is in Belgium

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the Good News is ....

I knew I was addicted to my camera.
But up until today I had no idea how much. You know what they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone, right? Well, it figures.
I went to the photo shop this morning to find out what they could do to fix my camera, and the answer was a straight one. "Water is the worst enemy of your camera. We can send it to Canon, and they will examine the damage. The lens is going to have to be replaced, and most probably other parts will have been damaged as well. It 'll cost you 75 Euro just to find out what needs to be done. Minimum repair costs will be another 180 Euro. And it's going to take six to eight weeks to get this matter solved. " So there, that was the verdict at noon today.
The rest of the day, I felt terrible. Like I had lost a good friend. I was lonely.
I'm never lonely when I have my camera, because it keeps me company, and I can look for and share all the happy moments of the day. Without it, I was so lost. I tried to find some consolation using my old one. I even picked up my husband's DSLR, but neither of them could replace my loss. No more great macro pictures, no more 12x zoom, no more creative angles made possible by the flexible display, no more ....
I was devastated to say the least.
When I tried to talk about it with my hubs on the phone, he just said we would talk about it later when he got home. But he would be home late.

So there.
I felt so terrible I was not in the mood much for blogging, let alone commenting. I've read a few blogs, commented on a few, but please don't be angry if you have not seen me around. I just did not find the energy and the courage. To those of you who have visited me despite my own absence, thank you so much for your kind words, your advice, your encouragements.
You're all great friends, and I'm grateful!!

Around eight I heard the key in the lock. My hubs was home early!!!
He had another surprise for me when he gave me a folded piece of paper.
It was an invoice for the new camera!!!! Signed sealed paid for... but not delivered ... yet!
Awww! Thank you darling!! I'm such a spoiled brat!
He KNOWS how much my camera means to me!
So now I'm waiting for a phone call from the photo shop telling me to collect my new camera!!!
I can't wait!! I'm so happy!!!!

It's after midnight now, and it's bedtime for me.
But I wanted to share the good news before I went to bed.

And I will sleep like a rose now. Oh yes.


Barbara said...

I am so glad your story had a happy ending. I would be the same way. Take care. Smiles Barbara

Jan said...

Cool. Can't wait to see your new photos.

Tatersmama said...

Wooo Hooo! I'm so happy for you,Jientje!!!
What a lovely surprise, after the heartbreak of losing your "trusted friend"!

Nessa said...

Yahoo, we get more of your beautiful pictures.

Libby's Library said...

I think that I'm as excited about this as your are! Can't wait to see what you can do with it.
Your husband is a keeper, that's for sure:-D

By the way - I have a Canon "point and shoot" with a 20X zoom...and my Macros are the pits. What's your secret?

Melli said...

I kneeeeeew he would do that! I knew it! Camera's don't like water... Laptops don't like coffee... what are we going to DO about all this??? Money doesn't grow on treeeeees... OY! Thank GOD for good husbands! I'm sO happy you will have a NEW best friend!

Then will you come back and look at my Mother's Day post??? Pretty please??? (Just that ONE!)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad that you have a new camera coming, can't wait to see more wonderful pictures.

Unknown said...

I am so happy for you. Your husband is a good man.

Unknown said...

I was so sad until I heard what a wonderful husband you have! Yay for you - see you soon!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Now THAT's a HUSBAND!! OMWORD! I'm so happy for you!!

Robin said...

Hurray!! What a star you've got for a husband!

Avril said...

What a wonderful hubby! Lucky you!

Gattina said...

Wow ! very good news ! I wasn't that patient, when I lost my camera, I immediately looked on Internet what was new on the market and bought a new one, much better ! I bought a Sony T300. One thing is for sure, today reparations are sooooo expensive that you have to buy new.
Mine is up already (of course) I am curious to see your new pictures !
I had my laptop repaired, the switch on button didn't work anymore 80 € grrrrr.

Lydia said...

A happy ending. Perhaps you could name your next camera, it seems to be your constant companion...

MaR said...

Wonderful news! now you can smile again :)

quilly said...

Yay! I am so glad you got the new camera! Please try not to walk into any more ditches!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Hubby you have. Now stay away from ditches and trying to take pictures of telephone poles with holes in them. Ya hear? I'm so happy for you getting a new camera :)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh what a wonderful husband. I think you will like him almost as much as you like your new camera. I can't wait to see what fun new pictures you take. I know how you feel though...I would be so heartbroken without my camera.

Unknown said...

You just made me giggle and feel so happy for you.
Your hubby truly loves you (but you already know that) :D

a ladys life said...

Mans new best friend lol
Congrats :)

Christine said...

Your Hubby sure is a sweetheart. I was thinking that maybe he would do that. I can just about see your smile all the way in Canada.

Jientje said...

@ Barbara: Smiling right back at you. Thanks barbara!
@ Jan: can't wait either!
@ Tatersmama: you can say that again!!
@ Nessa: I'm so looking forward to that too!
@ Libby: Depends on the macro function you have on your camera. Mine features a Super Macro. What type of Canon do you have?
@ Melli: I'm so happy!
@ Bill: can't wait either!
@ Lou: He is.
@ Lisa: More great Macro Monday shots coming your way soon!
@ Robynn: I'm blessed. I know.
@ Robin: Yeah, he is the best.
@ Avril: I am the lucky one, indeed!
@ Gattina: yeah, reapirs cost more than buying new, so true!
@ Lydia: How should I call him? Pixel?
@ Mar: You bet I can!
@ Quilly: I'll keep away from them, I will!
@ Thom: the picture would have been brilliant though!
@ hip chick: I am heartbroken. But I know it's coming. Just trying to be patient now.
@ NicoleB: that he does!
@ a lady's life: thanks!
@ Christine: he is. And I can imagine you can see my smile!! I can!!

Leora said...

I share your camera addiction. Yes, buying new is easier/better than repair. So it is in our consumer world.

Enjoy the new!

United Studies said...

YAY! You without a camera would be like Michelangelo without a paint brush!

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