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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday, The Story of the Boyds Bears Nativity Scene





Not many of you might know I used to own an interior decorating shop a couple of years ago. Among other things, I used to sell cute teddy bear collectables and Christmas decorations. That’s how I came across Boyds Bears. It was love at first sight.
Boyds Bears were not very well known here in Belgium at that time and I dare say it took a little bit of pioneering to introduce them to my public, but I loved it.   
My customers soon shared the love I had for these cute little bears, and started collecting them. It was charming to have them (or their husbands) drop by to buy a new character as a gift to their loved ones. Christmas, birthdays, Valentines  Day or even wedding anniversaries, I loved helping them pick “just the right one”. 
It became inevitable that I started a collection of my own. One by one I took them home with me and I’ve been treasuring this set for almost ten years now …


The nativity scene is set up as a play on a stage, and the little bears are all dressed up to perform the role they’re playing.  
Allow me to introduce some of the main characters to you … 


Neville … as Joseph

Baldwin … as the little Child Jesus


Theresa … as Mary


Bruce … as the Shepherd


and Essex … dressed up as the donkey.


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Joyce said...

Oh how I adore Boyds Bears. I have also been collecting the plush but mainly the resin ones for years. Three years ago I traveled to the Boyds Mega barn up in PA and I never wanted to leave the store. I do not own the nativity so your photos made me SMILE. They had a special resin Christmas tree with all the Boyds bears as the ornaments and I wish I had purchased that one too. I like to change out my bears for each season. If I had to pick just one as my favorite I couldn't since they are all so lovable. They ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. I am also a FOB yearly subscriber so I can get the featured kit. I keep all the pins displayed on a pillow in my bedroom. Can you tell I adore these little bears as much as you do:)

Robin said...

Very sweet. They've got such intricate costumes.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

they are very cute all dressed up. I have never seen them before.

Wanda..... said...

They are beautiful in detail Jientje, right down to the stitching and texture of the clothing, I love Baldwin!

moneythoughts said...

Certainly the bear essentials for Christmas.

Jewel said...

Those are precious! I collected Boyd's bears when I was younger and I love nativities now!

Unknown said...

You know a lot more about these bears than I do. :) I love Essex!!

Heidi said...

Very cute! It would be great to have your own shop- I've always thought- why'd you give that up?

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Incredibly sweet and beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful. And the photography is amazing.

quilly said...

Essex is too cute for words.

Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS they are the most adorable! Yes I have seen the bear collectibles but never the nativity! It is so cute! It is getting close and getting exciting! I so wish I could be with ALL my grandchildren this Christmas, there is nothing like seeing their little faces filled with excitement and joy on Christmas morning! AHHH (sigh) BIG SIGH!

Kim, USA said...

Oh they are so very cute.

My nativity scene

Melli said...

They are ALMOST as cute as the 4 year olds were at my church!

Moonrayvenne said...

I've seen the bears, but never the nativity. It is so beautiful! I love the pics of them.

Momisodes said...

I had no idea you had a shop! I have definitely seen the Boyd's Bears. I've been fortunate enough to have received a few as gifts, and I still treasure them every year on my Christmas tree :)

United Studies said...

You know, I had always wondered how you, being in Belgium, had come to collect Boyds Bears! I think they are adorable and have a few of my own. I have put off collecting a lot, since we never owned our own home and I tended to move a lot. But now that we have our own home, I look forward to starting collections of my own.

Susanne said...

So adorable.

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