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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barns barns … Barns

IMG_1951 (3)

Our little headquarters in the morning …  the kitchen table where we hung out in our jammies, sipping coffee, trying to wake up and get a little message out or put a post up. THAT was real luxury. Sadly, my little notebook died on me only two or three days after this picture was taken. Internet and being connected to people … let alone blogging became a major problem. 

The scenery where Melli lives is a very rural one, and old barns were landmarks that popped into my eyes the minute I saw them.  I photographed this one the previous night when we drove in. Okay, I know, I played with it a little, my original was not very good because the light was going , but it does show exactly what I’m trying to say …
They look the same way they would have looked a hundred years ago, don’t they?

IMG_1924 (3)

So the next morning …

IMG_1987 (3)

Photography heaven …
IMG_2010 (3)IMG_1995 (2)


IMG_1996 (3)


… and another one …

IMG_2042 (3)


I think I could have spent five days just photographing barns, they were all so picturesque, but Melli had many other gems to share.
I did take many more of these two so I’m planning more detailed ones in one or two Macro Monday posts. 


Nessa said...

Beautiful shots. I like the berries.

Name That Christmas Song

kayerj said...

I love all the old barns--who knows what stories they would tell if they could talk.

Unknown said...

One of these days, when I finally get to the point where I'm happy with my collection, I'm going to have to start displaying my 'barn shots'. I LOVE old barns. And Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana (all the States that surround me) are CHOCK FULL of regal old barns.

Moonrayvenne said...

I love these! The old rusted tractor with all the weeds & wildflowers growing through it is awesome.

Wanda..... said...

The third barn photo reminds me of a much smaller one on our property...I was trapped in the loft once with a humongus black snake...I survived...The photo where you are looking out from inside the barn is my favorite Jientje.

The French Bear said...

Oh my Mom would love you, she had a passion for old barns.
Marvelous photos, you are an awesome photographer.
You really could publish a book, I know that I would love to have one!
Margaret B

Unknown said...

Those are such wonderful pictures. I guess when you live around such picturesque places you take for granted the simple beauty. I feel that way when I visit my daughter in North Carolina, I want to stop around every corner and take a picture!

Melli said...

Yes, you dO love your barns. That 2nd one will forever be "Jientje's Barn".

Anonymous said...

I just found your Blog thru "Around The Island Blog and I am so glad that I did. What wonderful barn shots! We have one of those barns that people are always asking to photograph..because one portion is over 100 years old. If you step over and take a look at my Blog, the top photo is our barn (I'm writing like a 2 year old..sorry).

Again, fantastic shots! - MaLinda

Joyce said...

I call this Barn Heaven!

United Studies said...

I love how you have made these old ugly barns look so beautiful!

Carletta said...

These are wonderful Jientje!
As a visitor to my blog you know I love them too. Actually my last shots you were away and probably didn't see.
I also love the old tractor in weeds.
I've been away for Thanksgiving and haven't had a chance to say I'm glad you're posting again. :)
Carletta’s Captures.

Mar said...

Beautiful perspectives and shots, Jientje!

Loree said...

I love rural America. So many beautiful farms and the landscape is usually pretty awesome too.

moneythoughts said...

Well, if you like to take photos of old barns, you will have to come back to the states. As Lou said, there are lots of old barns over here. Kentucky, the state just across the Ohio River is horse country. That's lexington and the surrounding area. Even the Queen of England came to Kentucky to buy horses. Lots of beautiful horse farms too. I like your barn pictures too.

Brenda said...

I love the way you take pictures! I have always loved the barns in this country as well. So beautiful.

Suki said...

I just love the angles you choose to take your pics! Beautiful pics.

Unknown said...

Barns are a photography heaven!! What fun! I'm so happy you had such a nice trip!

Christine said...

I love how the landscape is overtaking the barn.

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