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Friday, December 4, 2009

A Boat on a Canal, two Mules and a Lot of Girl Power …


At Great Falls, - one of Melli’s favorite places to go all year around -  ( and I can see why ) we took the canal boat ride.  This was a treat. 
Transportation like it happened a hundred years ago, a boat, a canal and a lot of muscle power … mostly by women and mules.

IMG_2328 (3)


IMG_2195 (2)


IMG_2198 (3) 

IMG_2201 (2)


IMG_2204 (2)

IMG_2206 (2)  

IMG_2210 (3)


IMG_2212 (3)

IMG_2213 (3)




IMG_2236 (2)

 IMG_2241 (3)

IMG_2239 (2)


IMG_2274 (2)


Wanda..... said...

I loved this Jientje...your photos gave me the sense of reall being there, on what looks like a perfect autumn day. I love the macro of the rope fibers too!

moneythoughts said...

Enjoyed your photos of the canal and learned something too. Yes, what a beautiful day.

Unknown said...

Wow. Just wow.

Nessa said...

Gorgeous sequence of photos.

Flash 55 - Love

Brenda said...

I love the pictures, looks like a lot of fun.

Unknown said...

Great shots! If the horse drawn buggy is pulling the boat through the canal, why not just ride the buggy? LOL but it is amazing the strength and stamina the pioneers of the past had. They really endured a lot didn't they!

United Studies said...

I remember taking this very same boat ride several years ago, it was fun. As usual, great pictures!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Beautiful Jientje, I felt as if I was along for the ride. I can see why this is one of Melli's favorite places.

Moonrayvenne said...

Makes me feel like I was there & now I really want to be. How beautiful! The colors just make it more scenic.

Kathy said...

Hi Jientje, I have just been catching up on all your travels, your photos really are "chicken soup for the eyes" :-). happy weekend, Kathy.

quilly said...

Wow! You've captured excellent pictures! A few more & you'd have a documentary.

RA said...

Very beautiful shots! I can see why you mentioned it was photography heaven. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Gattina said...

That looks very interesting ! I see you have started to show pictures of your stay with Melli, that's what I was waiting for ! It's now already 3 weeks that I am back in the rain.

Islandsparrow said...

what a lovely post - that would be so enjoyable to take that trip down the canal. You captured it beautifully.

Melli said...

It's hard to believe that was only a month ago. Now it is all dull and dreary...

kayerj said...

how fun, and what great shots. they really tell a story

Wendy said...

I would love to know where this is - I don't follow Melli but I think I should. Is this part of the Erie Canal? Great series of photos - as usual.

Unknown said...

Oh what fun! It looks like a lot of work but very pretty and fun!

Jay said...

How picturesque that all is! But it looks hard and dangerous work.

Merry Christmas!

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