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Heaven is in Belgium

Monday, April 26, 2010

Macro Monday and a Recipe





Peel the asparagus and cut off the bottom part.


Coat a slice of butter with a mixture of 80/20% sea salt and sugar and place it on top of the asparagus in a sous vide pouch. (I used sea salt with dried rose petals.)



Vacuum seal the bag and steam for 17 minutes.

More Macro Monday pictures at Lisa’s Chaos.


Hootin Anni said...

Great macro shots....

Here is mine...PENELOPE the pelican

Hope your Monday is treating you well!

Colleen said...

A vacuum sealer is one of the kitchen appliances that I have yet to buy. I'd like one though. This recipe sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

I LOVE asparagus. Why have I never seen white asparagus? And you know? If you look at those things - they kinda look like little penises. Ewwww.

jay said...

That would be absolutely wonderful ... if I liked asparagus! As it is, it's one of the very few vegetables I won't eat. LOL!

Great pics though, and nicely original!

Jayne said...

Great shots and this sounds delicious (and, hmmm...another new gadget to buy for the kitchen)! :D

United Studies said...

That sounds wonderful! I really like the idea of butter with sea salt and dried rose petals.

Don't Bug Me! said...

I am not sure that I want to eat something that looks like a little penis - but then I don't like green asparagus either.

moneythoughts said...

I can't believe someone wrote that, but quite honestly, I had the same thought. I still love your photos, and everything you make to eat always looks good.

kayerj said...

so simple and just heavenly :)

Heidi said...

Funny Don't Bug Me! I think others may have thought it, too. Besides just moneythoughts. Just sayin'...heehee

I keep thinking you'll be changing your header picture soon- something springy and flowery and bright, 'eh?

Kala said...

Wonderful photos, now I'd like to eat some!

MaR said...

We've been having asparagus Sat AND Sunday for the past two weekends...we love them! with a crepe filled with cooked ham. The boys love butter on top, I skip the butter.
Delicate, delicious shots!!

namaki said...

and there are are ! in heaven ! nice recipe ! thanks ;-)

Kim, USA said...

I like asparagus!! Awesome macro shots here! Happy Monday!


Pat said...

Great shots! White asparagus comes from being covered while growing and not being exposed to the sun.

Do they taste different than the green asparagus?

Jama said...

I didn't know there's white asparagus, mostly here are the green ones, I love them.

Anonymous said...

just had green asparagus the other day. love it! ;-)


Loree said...

Great shots of the asparagus. An interesting recipe too.

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