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Monday, January 9, 2012

A world of difference!

I took this photo today, but I'm not very happy with it . I'm always very busy on Mondays, so there was not much time to experiment today. I took a couple of pictures with my other camera this morning, the compact Canon Powershot SX1IS. I used to take pictures with that one all the time until about two years ago when I started using the D40. This compact has a super macro function, which means I can get closer to my subject than with the D40. I thought it would be a good idea to snap a close up from my Phalaenopsis. I've been trying to photograph it for a couple of days in a row now, because these are the last flowers on it. I got this phalaenopsis as a little present from my husband, and it has been flowering for months now.

Like I said, I'm not very happy with it, so instead I'm going to submit the photo below for my Project 366. I took this one with the D40, obviously there's a world of difference between these two cameras!


Unknown said...

So the question is this: is the purple fringing in the first photo an artifact of the sensor? I used to see that kind of chromatic aberration in my first digital camera - a Sony DSCS-70. That camera was KNOWN for that fringing - is was caused by leakage between the pixels. the cure - than and now, is to get the image in Photoshop and scale down the Magenta Channel - it will clean up the image nicely. It IS a lovely photo, BTW.

fotorantje said...

de tweede is heel mooi, heel zuiver ook

Carletta said...

The second one is much better - lovely!

Jay at The Depp Effecth said...

Do you have them set to different metering modes? I know how a lot of white in the frame throws things off, so I'm wondering if the second one is set to an average 'across the frame' metering, while the first is set to 'spot'.

No contest, anyway. The second is a lot better! I love phaelenopsis. They flower for so long, and they're so easy to care for. I bought my husband a yellow one, but it's me who looks after it. ;)

Tara R. said...

The second shot does appear to be sharper, but I like them both.

Suburban Girl said...

Such a unique flower!

Anonymous said...

Huge difference but equally lovely! I have not had success with those plants :(

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