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Heaven is in Belgium

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Thousand Words in Idioms, U and V

As long as people have been around, they have tried to communicate with each other. As a means of getting the message across as clearly as possible, idioms and sayings have found their way into our language. Now, because "a picture paints a thousand words", I thought it would be nice to make this a photo challenge. The idea is to choose an idiom, or a saying, ( even slang is allowed) and illustrate it with a picture. Each week we'll cover two letters of the alphabet, okay? You can find the first edition here if you need some inspiration.

"A Thousand Words in Idioms"

If "language is the dress of thoughts" ( Johnson), then idioms must the wardrobe ...

Wednesday again, time to dress up our language with idioms again. You know, my grandmother is the inspiration behind this meme, she always used such colorful sayings , we always knew what she meant, and she often made us chuckle. The first picture I’m using is in her honor, it’s from the village where she lived…
U is for ....

“Under a cloud”: If someone is suspected of having done something wrong, they are under a cloud.

And V is for ....

“Variety is the spice of life” means that life can be made more interesting by doing new and interesting things, the more experiences you try the more exciting life can be.
I could not agree more!

Let’s hope the Mr Linky works today eh? Don’t forget to click on the box and add the link to your post (not the homepage of your blog). This will make it easier to track the posts down if we want to look them up sometime in the future!  Have fun everyone!

I can’t wait to see what you’ll all come up with this time!


Gattina said...

Nice findings ! Love the clouds over the field.
See you tomorrow !

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

The picture with the clouds is awesome, Loved your Idioms.

Loree said...

Both of the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for being the first follower of my new blog. I hope you will continue to enjoy it. I love reading your blog with such gorgeous photos of Belgium.

diane b said...

So clever for ESL. Great shots too.

Anonymous said...

My Belgian Bombshell..excellent idioms and the pictures are so good. I love them. Those bags of different spices...very well done. Love it. I so love this meme...what are ya gonna do when we hit Z? hmmm

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots!
I love the spice one :)
And great explanations again :)

Carleen said...

I have to say it yet again -- you get some of the most amazing shots I have ever seen! Your beautiful photos match your idioms so well, too. :)

I will be sorry to see this meme end! Maybe we could continue it by adding idioms from other languages, too? That would sure give us lots of possibilities, and I've got some really good ones in Arabic that I could use. ;)

Wanda..... said...

You are "soooo" good at this Jientje.
Those clouds look like they're hovering almost within reach...gives a protected blanket feeling to the field...like maybe your gramma gave you!

Heidi said...

Where on earth do you go each day to get the shots you find? My goodness. We do not have bags of spices lying around in the suburbs of Michigan, but I just may get in on this. What do we need? A U shot and a V shot? Okay, I'm off to think it over.

Suburban Girl said...

I love the spice sacks. Thanks for solving the mystery of the Heliamphora! Glad I didn't stick my finger inside of it! ;0

Tammie Lee said...

Your photos, these idioms are fantastic. I love the ideas and the beauty your portray with them.

Caution/Lisa said...

I love idioms, but they are always such a challenge for my English as a second language students. What I'm finding now, too, is that my native speakers know fewer and fewer idioms. I do think we're losing some of the poetry of language.

Now, please tell me why I can never remember to post an idiom link in time?

Libby's Library said...

That photo of the spices is absolutely intoxicating!!!

Barbara H. said...

What gorgeous pictures! I'd love to be under those clouds! And the picture of spices makes me want to try several.

I'm late today, but I finally have mine up.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful idioms....Delight for the eyes.

Jientje said...

@ Gattina: Thanks! We'll have FUN!!
@ Bill: Thank you Bill!
@ Loree: You're welcome, I so love your beautiful pictures of Malta, it's the first time I'm someone's first follower, but you deserve many more!
@ diane: It took me a while to figure out, ESL = English second language, right? Thank you!
@ Thom: Maybe just continue without the alphabet. Let everybody pich whatever idiom they like, that's what I would like to do.
@ NicoleB: Thanks, the spices are from the market in Forcalquier, and they are a lot cheaper than the ones I posted earlier from the market at l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue!
@ Carleen: I'm not sure about the other languages, but I would like to continue this too. We don't need an alphabet to do this, there are so many idioms, just pick two each week and add the pictures, that's what I want to do when this alphabet is is over?
@ Wanda: What a wonderful way to look at this, you made me smile.
@ 2thinks: I was very curious what you would come up with, and I loved it!
@ Rebecca: You're welcome! Yes, it's a good thing you didn't! LOL!
@ Tammie Lee: Thank you! I always have fun with this post!
@ Caution Flag: Every Wednesday, is Idiom Wednesday!
@ Libby: Intoxicating?
@ BarbaraH: You're never too late to play!
@ MrsLittleJeans: Thank you!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Awesome choices as always, and fabulous photos to match the idioms. Well done!!

j said...

The photograph is stunning! "under a cloud" sounds seems pleasant when stated along with that photo.

I was so happy to hear from you. I would be honored to have your participation on Positive Day! Thanks for the support Jientje!

Dr.John said...

I loved your choices and the pictures to go with them.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh GLORY girl! Indeeeeeeeed I did forget! LOL! I don't know why... I've had nothin' on my mind! *g* I'll catch up next week! But I was gonna do under a cloud anyway... so YOU did it for me! I had NOT thought of Variety though... I have quite a different V in mind!

Jientje said...

@ Alice: Yours are terrific too! Thanks for playing!
@ Jennifer: You're welcome, I think positive blogging should be a daily habit for everyone, so I am more than happy to participate!
@ Dr John: Thank you, I'm glad you liked them!
@ Melli: I will be looking forward to next week, when I get a double serving of your fun and creative idioms!

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