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Heaven is in Belgium

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Holy Cow!



… a load of bull …

That’s all you get from me today ….


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Liked the pictures Jientje, I always liked looking at a herd of cows. Gurnsey's were always my favorite. Love the Cow's Eye picture, always thought that Cows have the Prettiest Eyes.

Thank you for sharing

Loree said...

I really like these cow pictures. I like the picture of ths cow's eyes too. So pretty!

Korie said...

Yucky. I know some people thing cows are cute. I say...yucky. But at least I don't fear them like I fear horses.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness..what great photos. I like the captions. Excellent. I never knew cows and bulls could look so good. Have a great time with Gattina today :) Aloha

Wanda..... said...

Hi Jientje...How do cows stay so clean and fresh looking?
The bull in the last photo looks so tough and strong...but...I noticed he's drooling like a baby!
Have a mooootiful day Jientje!

moneythoughts said...

The landscape pictures I have seen before as paintings in museums. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Suburban Girl said...

Great captures. I love the idea of loving cows but in reality I would rather love looking at your photos of cows!

Libby's Library said...

I love cows - they have such beautiful eyes.
Great photo's Jientje!

Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL - looove this. Wonderful shots - I love cows!!

Anonymous said...

That bull reminds me of that guy at the gym that is working out his muscles under the approving eyes of the female humans :) Gorgeous! They look well cared of - fed as nature intended with grass - that milk they give probably tastes like heavenly liquid! Send some this way in a chocolate box!

MrsLittleJeans said...

All I can think of is milk and cheese...drool...delightful, so gorgeous they are.

Unknown said...

Very pastoral. Makes me feel lazy, like I need to take a nap under a big Oak Tree, listening to cows moo and the breeze in the leaves.

Dr.John said...

A field full of steaks.As an old farm boy I just loved the pictures.

quilly said...

I wonder why both of the cow's ears are tagged - -unless it was to balance her ensemble -- though I would have picked a whole different style of earrings to go with that hide.

Great pics, Jientje!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

They are so cute, especially the white one!

Anonymous said...

Cute cows, handsome bulls, beautiful-looking day!


Becky said...

Just catching up with you agaim. That black/white cow that is laying down looks like she was handpainted. I read all the other posts and they are just great. I am so in love with your beautiful country! Glad to know your father is doing so well! You are such a gracious host by sharing your life with us! Thanks Jientje!!

spacedlaw said...

That last one looked grumpy. What have you done (or not done) to it?

Gattina said...

Cows have such beautiful eyes ! Real beautiful and so lively pictures. I couldn't comment yesterday, I was busy elsewhere, lol !
Good morning !

geert said...

De eerste foto is zo typisch "koe": op een rustige wijze heel erg nieuwsgierig...

Jientje said...

@ Bill: I have always loved cows, and you're right about their eyes, they're beautiful!
@ Loree: Yes, it came out really well!
@ Korie: I love cows, I can't see what's yuckie about them? But maybe that's because I grew up with them?
@ Thom: Thank you, that's sweet of you!
@ Wanda: You have a very sharp eye, that bull was drooling you're right about that. He was because he was angry at me, I was in his territory.
@ moneythoughts: Flemish Primitives?
@ Rebecca: Well, you can here!
@ Libby: Yes; I love their eyes too, they have that soft look.
@ Sarah: Me too!
@ ellievellie: I don't like milk myself, but the chocolate is a great idea!
@ MrsLittleJeans: I prefer the cheese.
@ Kim: You paint a wonderful picture with your words.
@ Dr John: Lol at the field of steaks!
@ Quilly: I don't like those earrings. They always make me feel sad.
@ Kristi: Yes, the white one was my favorite model!
@ Paz: It was!
@ Becky: I'm so glad you enjoyed my posts!
@ spacedlaw: He was very annoyed by my presence.
@ Gattina: We were, we had fun, didn't we?
@ geert: mooi gezegd Geeert!

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