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Heaven is in Belgium

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gloomy …??


Today is a terribly dreary day. An ever so slight foggy drizzle makes it look gloomy and sad. Melancholy is out to get me, and I’m not about to let that happen. 
On a day like this  I want to think positive thoughts and do things to try and make my world look a little shinier and brighter. 
I went for a walk with the Big Guy and tried to capture some of that gloominess. 
I discovered it actually looks pretty.  It helped.


Music. I need music to lighten my spirit. It took three CD’s before I found the right one but Sweet Caroline and the warm voice of Neil Diamond seems to do the trick.
Even when the next son is Song Song Blue … And Cracklin’ Rosie made me hum along and sing out loud. Before I knew it I found myself clapping my hands! 
Light. I lit some candles. Flickering flames and sweet aromas of scented candles to chase a way the darkness. 
Emptying and cleaning a drawer always makes me feel a happier person because I always tend to find some forgotten things and the memories that go with it. 
I’m going to make myself a nice cup of Lapsang Souchong and enjoy it’s smoky flavor.

… Bake a bread - I want something sweet with lots of cinnamon in it and smell the aromas spreading through the house, mingling with the perfume of the candles. 
Hmmm, yes, good plan!  
… Go out and buy a birthday card for my niece. Take the empty bottles to the glass container. Smashing the bottles into the container can be very therapeutic!
… Buy a magazine while I’m out anyway and snuggle up on the couch with it afterwards.

All of a sudden the day does not feel so somber anymore.


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

You sure have a way of turning gloomy into pretty :)

The French Bear said...

Wow, I am going to call you over when I am blue, you know exactly how to cheer someone up!!!! I listen to ND in my car, the grandkids think it is hilarious I don't know why!!!!
Love the photo, you amaze me every time! This is really a beautiful one....
I just baked bread if want some!!!! he he.....
Margaret B

Caution/Lisa said...

Prozac, you've been bested by Jientje! I might try the recycling center today, too. I do like to hear the breaking bottles. Maybe, though, some bread baking. Great suggestions.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your right, the gloom looks strangly welcoming in that photo! And I really like your positive look on what the day can bring to cheer up your spirit! I can almost smell the cinnamon bread baking now!

Wanda..... said...

All that would do it for me, Jientje...plus a little dark chocolate!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I like Neil Diamond as well, always found Sweet Caroline one of his best. Also like James Taylor. A Beautiful Picture of the boat. I also like your New Header Picture of the Castle on the Lake.

Reading about you baking your bread brought back some wonderful memories of My Mun baking her bread such wonder aromas wafting through the house.

Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! It's funny that we have been experiencing much fog here too. :0) I would eat that yummy bread!

Moonrayvenne said...

It looks like that here in Michigan as well today. But you had a nice boat to look at...lol. You turned a dreary day into a relaxing & peaceful one. (((HUGS)))

Tammie Lee said...

I think it almost always helps to get outside when it is gloomy. Walking and fresh air are wonderful uplifting presences! Wonderful photo.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you have the perfect recipe for giving the gloomy doldrums the boot, Jientje. Your photo is so gorgeous not gloomy at all and your music choices would have me tapping my toes too. We are being hammered by one storm after another here and this is supposed to be SUNNY California, what's is going on, I dont know. big hugs, Kathy.

kayerj said...

so very pretty--every gray day has a silver lining :)

Loree said...

Sounds like you day was not so gloomy after all.

Jientje said...

@ Kristi : It was pretty, I kind of like this foggy atmosphere.
@ The French Bear : Why would listening to ND be hilarious? ROFL! We're getting old(er) Margaret!
@ Caution Flag : Any natural cure is better than Prozac.
@ DescribeHappy : You are just like me, that's why I like YOUR blog so much!
@ Wanda : I never thought of dark chocolate, but that would do it for me too!
@ Bill : James Taylor is great too. I'm glad I reminded you of your Mom. I know you love her dearly.
@ lisaschaos: I hope today was as bright and sunny at your place as it was over here.
@ Collette : Today was all bright and sunny, as if the weather was sorry for yesterdays gloominess.
@ Tammie Lee :That's so true!
@ Kathy : It worked! The sun has been shining all day today!
@ kaye : Very well said!
@ Loree : I did not let it!

spacedlaw said...

I like the gloom, from it anything could happen.

The Retired One said...

Perfect plan!
I love to go out and take pictures when it is foggy.
I loved your boat picture, especially in black and white...it was wonderful!

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