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Heaven is in Belgium

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There Is a Place in my Heart …

There is a place in my heart that is very special to me. The village of my grandmother, where I lived my most treasured childhood memories.

The little chapels at the crossroads were my favorite places when I was a child, and that still hasn’t changed.

It’s the kind of community where the farmer’s wife races over to the chapel on her bike in a state of panic because some kind of joker has told her they turned the statue of the virgin Mary upside down. It’s true.

She would never let that happen …

Where the people still gather in front of the church on Sundays.

If you follow this little dirt road …

you’ll end up here, at the other end of the village, where you’ll find the other little chapel.

The open door invites you in.

I could never pass it without going in. Never.

Always remember to look up …



Certain thoughts are prayers.  There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.  ~Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862


PS: Today is our Independence day here in Belgium. It’s really not a big thing nothing like your 4th of July anyway. Thom did a post on it on his blog, so you can read all about it here. But the real reason I am sending you over there is because July 21st is Thom’s birthday. Please hop over to his blog and send him some birthday wishes in a comment,  okay?


Robin said...

Beautiful words and beautiful photos.

Korie said...

I still have yet to meet a Belgian that knows the national anthem!

Loree said...

Those little chapels are so quaint. Great photos.

MrsLittleJeans said...

My favorite comment, and such a beautiful village!


United Studies said...

Everyone else has already said what I would...so I shall say...you NEED to consider publishing your work.

Wanda..... said...

I love the beautiful old doors...

Cherie said...

Happy Independence Day! (Even if your country doesn't traditionally make a big fuss about it. :) ) We do like our fireworks over here, but I'd say that we like it for the day off and time to spend with family and friends more than anything else ... while watching fireworks, of course. ;)

kayerj said...

thanks for this lovely post, most sacred. I particularly enjoyed your quote about prayer

Anonymous said...

Oh my Belgian Bomshell. Thanks for the shout out. That was suppose to be our little secret. ROFLMAO. I so love this post. It just seems to be so peaceful and serene. I love it. Awesome work as usual :)

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of these cozzy chapels! I've seen many great catedrals - from Kremlin to Notre Dame - but nowhere the need to have a touch with God is so apperant as when I look at these chapels. People had the need to have a support for the soul around the corner - so important it was to them! Grat photos!
Happy Independence Day!

moneythoughts said...

The photo of the chapel with the checkered floor and shadow, I could have used that picture for a painting I completed back in March. Oh, that floor is so what I would have loved to have used.

Love your eye for composition. Really nice photos.

Happy Independence Day!

quilly said...

Your grandmother's village is beautiful. I can see how it is your soul came out beautiful as well.

Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful. So charming and peaceful.

Unknown said...

I just sit back in my chair here at work...and MELT away into your pictures. They speak a thousand words to me. I pretend I am on the same path as you and can feel the quiet breeze on my face as I walk up the road to the chapel. What a wonderful and peaceful walk. Thank you! What ever stress in life there might be I can count on your post to lure me to Belgium....
miles of smiles....lindalu

Carletta said...

The small quaint chapel is much more intimate for prayer that a big church!
Nice shots.

Momisodes said...

I can certainly see why this place is so special. It is simply gorgeous. Those views and landscapes are amazing.

Happy independence day.

Jientje said...

@ Rebecca: Thank you. I so love this place, and it shines through I guess.
@ Robin: Thank you.
@ Korie: Heehee, that's a very clever observation! So true!
@ Loree: I'm sure you have some nice ones in Malta too. Can't wait to see more of your lovely island.
@ MrsLittleJeans: Yes, it is.
@ Jacki: Thanks for the compliment my friend. The only problem is that I have no idea how to do that? Where to go? Who to contact?
@ Wanda: We are so alike, I love doors, and old things, nature .... just like you do!
@ Cherie: The day off is the most important thing here too! I love fireworks, and there are fireworks, but not in my village. But thanks for the good wishes!
@ kaye: I thought it says so much.
@ Thom: Secret? What secret! LOL! You're the one who did the birthday contest remember? LOL!
Happy birthday my friend, I hope you get many cards, comments and wishes today.And yes, the village is very serene, peaceful and untouched. It's special.
@ ellievellie: You said it so well, loved your comment. To me those simple chapels mean so much more than any huge cathedral anywhere else.
@ moneythoughts: Thank you for the compliment. I guess taking pictures is a bit like painting, I never thought of it that way! But I could never paint the way you can!
@ Quilly: Your comment moved me deeply. Thank you.
@ Andrea: Yes, it is.Peaceful and serene.
@ Linda; What a beautiful comment this is. I wish I could walk that path with you, and if you ever come to Belgium, let me know and then I'll take you there.
@ Carletta: You are right, it is. Thank you.
@ Sandy: Thank you, it is indeed a beautiful place, I love it so much.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I always learn from you. This is the most fascinating post. Can't wait to show it to the kids. And, of course, GORGEOUS photos. And I'm hopping over to Thom's now. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely photos of a unique feature of the place where you grew up. I LOVE that chapel at the end of the dirt road.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

The pictures are beautiful, I can see why you had a wonderful childhood here. Thank you for sharing.

Jientje said...

@ Robynn: Your kids like my posts too? That's great! Thanks for visiting Thom!
@ Lou: Yes, it was and still is, and will always be my favorite too.
@ Bill: I had some wonderfull Summermonths there with my grandparents, and I loved everything about it. Still do!

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