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Heaven is in Belgium

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

( Almost) Wordless Wednesday



How wonderful to wake up to this gorgeous pink sunrise after a gloomy day like yesterday! What a difference a day makes!


The French Bear said...

Margaret B

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yes, a much nicer way to start the day! Love the wisps of pink!

Avril said...

Stunning ... calming colours!

Love your gloomy day photo from previous post - Neil Diamond also from 'my time' and actually looked at his Greatest Hits CD in the shop this morning - must get it.
Lobster!!! Oooohh, I'm sure it was very tasty indeed after his fame over the internet!!

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful morning, Jientje!

moneythoughts said...

Yes, I love the photo today, but do you think it would be fair if every day was a beautiful day in Belgium? : )

Anonymous said...

Beau-u-tiful! At what time does the sun rise?

Jientje said...

@ The French Bear : Thanks!
@ DescribeHappy : It was the first thing I saw when I got out of bed!
@ Avril : It was so pretty, I got out of bed and immediately grabbed my camera!
And yes, that lobster sure was tasty!
@ Wanda : It was a morning to cherish!
@ moneythoughts : Every day should be a beautiful day anywhere in this world, but then we would probably not appreciate it as much, would we?
@ Ida from South Africa : This picture was taken at eight twenty.

kayerj said...

lovely sky

Kathy said...

24 little hours, it's gorgeous. Kx

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...



Suburban Girl said...

Love mornings like that. :)

The Retired One said...

Sooooo pretty!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! OH I loved the lobster story! UMM my favorite to eat too! I can taste the lobster and sweet butter dripping down my chin! How beautiful your post was on that foggy day! LOVE IT!

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Hi Jientje...Perfect image for Wordless Wednesday. Such breathtaking beauty speaks for itself, no words are needed.

Best Wishes,

Brenda said...

I love those colors, we get a sky like that in California sometimes in the summer. So pretty.

Anil P said...

Just that faint touch of the pink to the sky, raising the mood so that one believes that fairies will indeed step out and dance on the shoulders.

Carletta said...

'What a difference a day makes' - and I have a song stuck in my head too! :)
Lovely sky!

Loree said...


Unknown said...

I do not have the honor of viewing pink skies nearly enough. Beautiful!

marylou said...

Hallo jientje
Prachtige site en boeiende foto's.Hier kom ik zeker terug

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