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Heaven is in Belgium

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Castle by the Pond … Part One


This is the castle of Horst, the one the one that is in my header. We were there about ten days ago between two and three in the afternoon. The sky was pretty gray but the frozen pond gave it a photogenic different look. We decided to walk all around the pond with our cameras and shoot from different angles.


The first two pictures were made with the D40. After that, I put it away. The Big Guy is still very heavy for me. I continued the walk with the SX-1IS.


Here we are in front of the closed gate, now turn around and walk to the right.


Do you see my husband in this picture? That’s where we’re heading for.

There. Still very gloomy and gray, isn’t it?


But all of a sudden - while I was shooting pictures of the stake I posted yesterday - something started to happen. 


It was as if someone was switching the lights on. 

It was magical.


The warm sunlight made me look for signs of Spring.


It was just beautiful the way the light kept changing.


The warmth of the sun made the ice thaw. As we walked around the pond saw the castle from different angles. The changing light made it a photographer’s paradise, and I made many more pictures as we walked on. I am going to do a part two tomorrow because this post is already getting very long and I don’t want you to grow bored with me. Please come back for part two of this taste of Belgium tomorrow.

Oh and while you’re here anyway, have a peak at Heavenin365, my new blog with a picture a day taken with the “Big Guy”, the Canon D40.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh my word those are beautiful photos! I love the changing light.

Wanda..... said...

You captured well the changes the light gave the castle. The original stunning photo took on the look of a prison in the 4th photo! It appears so different in the distant shot across the pond.

Avril said...

Magical !!! I will be back!

Caution/Lisa said...

Honestly? I don't think your photography could ever be boring! How wonderful to see that changing light and how it warms the image.

moneythoughts said...

Very nice. I enjoyed seeing the castle under the different lights. very Interesting.

Melli said...

Looks like that pond might be a moat! I LOVE this castle!

Karen said...

Grow bored? Never! You're photos are beautiful. These create a story.

Suburban Girl said...

Glorious, just glorious! This castle, this country and this photographer...it is all just glorious! I will stop back.

The Retired One said...

It IS magical looking...wow...what a place to take photographs...
You know, I don't think the new camera takes any better photos than your regular one...it took wonderful photos of this setting!

Jientje said...

@ hip chick : It's not as pretty as the real thingthough.
@ Wanda : I never thought of it as a prison but now that you mention it ...
@ Avril : There will be more tomorrow!
@ Caution Flag : It was magical.
@ moneythoughts : Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
@ Melli : I guess you're right, but a pond sounds so much more romantic, or am I wrong?
@ Karen : A fairy tale?
@ Rebecca : It will be a pleasure to welcome you back.
@ The Retired One : My regular camera takes wonderful pictures and is so much lighter to carry around. I love that camera too, don't get me wrong! It's just that the Big Guy is more of a challenge right now, that's all.

Dr.John said...

I just love castles. My last name in Finnish means castle or fortress.
Th9ose were just great pictures. The changing light made them very , very special.

Carletta said...

I've been waiting to see these - fabulous images!
I'd have so enjoyed taking this walk with you - well I did, sorta. :)

Unknown said...

Wow those are incredible shots! they are post card perfect! was the ice thick enough to stand on? I would have had my ice skates on! Did you go inside the castle? OH HOW I would love to have gone with you...sigh...but I will tomorrow!

Loree said...

I always love your photos and your photos of different places in Belgium. It sure makes me want to visit.

Jientje said...

@ Dr.John : I love beautiful light.
@ Carletta : There will be more later today.
@ Linda Higgins: It was NOT thick enough to stand on it, not by a long shot! Can't wait to welcome you back today!
@ Loree: I'm so glad you like them, I love having you over for a visit!

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Ah, the anwser to my question from yesterday!? Waht a wonderful place to photograph, feel envious of you - wish I was there ...
Gena @ thinking aloud
South Africa

The French Bear said...

I can't believe how many beautiful pictures you managed to capture!!!! Wow, impressive, that castle is so interesting. what is it used for now?
I wish you could take pictures of the inside, it looks so wonderful!
Margaret B

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Yup.. totally in love with you shots! Can't even pick out my favorite. Looks like you had a great time enjoying the light!

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