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Heaven is in Belgium

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Grandmother’s Village, Sweet Memories of Summer …


Summer Stock Sunday JPEG

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Remember the last time I was here? 
This is the village next to the one where my grandmother used to live.
Last time I was here I fell into a ditch and ruined my camera. 
I have a new camera since then, and I wanted to go back to take the pictures I could not take on the previous occasion. And so I did, last Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and I took loads and loads of pictures. But I stayed well clear of ditches and creeks this time!

I’m taking it up where I left off last time ….

This is the picture I wanted to take just before I slipped.
Isn’t that what they say,to always go back and face your demons? Well, I did.

This fellow was not too pleased with my presence. He felt like he needed to defend his cows, but the ladies did not care much.

Oh and I marked the spot too. Just behind that electricity pole is where I fell into the reed and the water…
No accidents happened this time, and we continued our journey from there.

Butterflies, Corn Flowers …

The same as it always was …

Even the sky … The same fluffy clouds I used to see when I was a kid reflect in the water, and the red poppies add the finishing touch to this beautiful painting.

I think you call them Hollyhocks, don’t you?

So beautiful.

One of my favorite places as a kid. This little chapel is at the crossroad. Whenever I passed by it, I wanted to stop and look inside.

I still do.

This is the road leading to my grandparents house.

Between the first two trees is where their little house used to be. It’s sad I can no longer go there. I have so many memories from this place. Do you see the trees between the second and the third tree? I used to lay on my back there as a kid, looking at the white clouds, trying to figure out what shape they were. My father made me drive the car there once, and I almost hit a cow. So many memories …

I used to look over the fields into the direction of the church to look out for my first boyfriend.

Don’t touch, they said. But I had to try it anyway…
I can still feel it.

The chapel at the other end of the village. My grandmother had to stop there too and let me have a little peek inside.

I have so much more, and this is already getting very very long. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to share some more during the next week. Stay tuned, okay?

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Korie said...

Wonderful pictures :)

Leora said...

You have both corn flowers and poppies in your photos. Corn flowers are mentioned in A Room with a View, the movie my daughter is now watching. I prefer the poppies! Oh, so lovely, including the shot you got before you slipped. I was concerned you would slip again. That bull does look like he's guarding the flock. And the little chapel - I can't imagine seeing anything like that in the U.S. - so different to me.

Tara R. said...

Your photos are lovely. I cam see why this village holds such wonderful memories for you, it's beautiful.

Dianne said...

an exceptionally lovely village!
your framing is so perfect in each and every shot

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful village. You got some lovely shots.

Robin said...

Beautiful images, what a peaceful, pastoral looking village. I love the shot through the hole in the electric pole - and I'm very glad you didn't take a tumble getting it this time!

Wanda..... said...

Beautiful stroll down memory lane Jientje...I loved the little chapel...I bet that was a magical place for a young girl...the photo of the cornflower has 4 insects on it, the legs and wings just barely showing on one in the back...the day was beautiful with the reflecting clouds in the water...better them, than you and your camera!

Gattina said...

I see green green green and the "plat pays qui est le mien" as Jacques Brel sang !
On the post below I finally see you so you won't need your pink ombrella when you pick me up at the station. Unless it rains of course, lol !
Groetjes !

Kim said...

These are some amazing pictures.. So many of them should be framed and hung on a wall.. beautiful!!

moneythoughts said...

I have seen these fields in paintings, and now I have the pleasure of seeing them in photos. I agree with all the superlatives, these are some beautiful pictures. What a lovely place to live.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I can just feel the sentiment in that little chapel. Most beautiful!

Maggie's Mind said...

These are just so gorgeous. I would love to visit there and just wander around soaking it in. Beautiful!

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing photos of your past. What a beautiful area of the world.

kayerj said...

lovely memories, lovely pictures

Libby's Library said...

I loved this post - beautiful scenery and lovely memories.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea where to begin - the wheat and the chamomile - I want to chew that picture! I've never saw such electricity poles before - the holes in it made a perfect frame for that gorgeous view! The little church is precious - how little do we need - word of support and encouragement! You are a great artist - you grew up surrounded by beauty! Does that cow give milk or chocolate:)

Mama Pajama said...

Fun! I enjoyed taking this journey with you, and I feel calmed by the peaceful and quiet nature of the images. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

WOW...she did it and didn't loose a camera or go tumbling down like Jack and Jill. :) LOL. Great pictures and story. So that's the infamous hole in the pole that you took the tumble for hmmm...Brilliant as you say (the shot my friend) LOL. Love the Bull. Has those women doing just what they should be...oops did I say that? LOL. Excellent WW and SSS. As usual the photos look like they belong in National Geographic :) Aloha my friend Oh and one more thing I notice...it sure does look flat in there. Not a lot of mountain ranges around?

quilly said...

Wonderful photoo!

Yes, Hollyhocks.

I'm glad you stayed out of the ditches.

AND, my cousin Rumble once peed on an electric fence. I bet he's never forgotten that, either.

Avril said...

Thanks for taking us down your memory lane! Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of your world. Absolutely LOVE the teeny tiny chapel in the middle of the lane/road! Electric fences - me too - also still feel the 'sting' while reaching for a perfect pine cone on the other side!

frogpondsrock said...

Thankyou Jientje.I really enjoy your photos and the photo of the butterfly on the cornflowers has made me think about my camera again. cheers Kim

Jientje said...

@ Korie: Thank you!
@ Leora: That chapel is very special to me, and I prefer the corn flowers to the poppies because you don't see them that often anymore.
@ TaraR: This place is very special to me, it is. I'm glad it shows.
@ Dianne: Thank you, I think framing is very important.
@ Secret Mom Thoughts: Yes, and I have plenty more!
@ Robin: Yes, I'm glad I got the shot, but my legs were shaking and my heart was beating fast while making it! I was very relieved when I was finished!
@ Wanda: The cornflowers were crowded with insects, butterflies bees and bugs of all sorts!
@ Gattina: Ah yes, le plat pays, true! I added the self portrait just for you.
@ Kim: Thank you, that is a wonderful compliment coming from a talented photographer like you.
@ moneythoughts: Oh yes, it is, it's beautiful. Too bad I don't actually live there. I think there is nothing I'd want more.
@ Secret Agent Mama: I bet you can.
@ Maggie's Mind: That would be wonderful, and while I'm guiding you, I could tell you all the stories...
@ Joyce: It is a wonderful place, so true.
@ kaye: the memories are precious.They are.
@ Libby: Yes, both are precious.
@ ellievellie: the question about the cow cracked me up! It's not a cow but a bull! LOL!
@ Mama Pajama: I'm so glad you liked them!
@ Thom: Yes, YOU said that! *insert rolleyes*
And the cows did not care much about his macho behaviour, I'm sure they were thinking "men". LOL! And yes, there are no mountains there, no big mountains in Flanders, just a couple of hills a little bit further South.
@ I'm glad I managed to keep it dry this time too. LOL about the cousin, I've heard that kind of stories before too!
@ Avril: You're welcome! I'll show more pictures from that last chapel tomorrow.
@ Kim: I'm glad I inspired you to pick it up again. Looking forward to see yours. Big hug xxx

Melli said...

Gorgeous Jientje! I'm sO sorry I've neglected you!

amanda said...

these are lovely the skies are gorgeous, I love the church in the background and yes we call those tall flowers Holly Hocks.Wonderful photos

Geert said...

Ze worden steeds zeldzamer, de landelijke uithoekjes van Vlaanderen. Hopelijk bijven er toch enkele bewaard...

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