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Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Wishes

These pictures are very dear to me. They were taken thirty years ago today. It was my little girl’s very first birthday, and we celebrated that with a home baked peach pie. This is one of the rare pictures I have of my grandfather, and the only one with her in it. He was doing a little children’s nursery song with her, and she loved it. As you can see, the cake went down well, but you know what they say, don’t you?

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

She’s thirty one today, she’s currently vacationing in Greece so I won’t be able to see her today. I hope the sun kisses her, and tells her that I love her.

Oh and speaking of birthdays, it’s somebody else’s birthday today as well.
Lou, AKA Lceel, is celebrating his birthday today. So if you know Lou, or read his blog, hop over to his place and wish him a happy birthday! Tell him that I sent you, okay?

Have a great day today!


Korie said...

What wonderful pictures and memories. *hugs* I'm glad you can share more times with your daughter now. And I hope she's having a happy birthday.

Quilly said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope this day finds her happy and well and secure in your love.

Unknown said...

Sweet memories!
Happy birthday to your girl :)!

Avril said...

Beautiful photos .. beautiful memories!
Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Wanda..... said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Jientje! She was a beautiful child at 1 year old...

moneythoughts said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to your daughter. We should all celebrate our birthdays in Greece. I am all for that. And, I always enjoy your beautiful pictures.

United Studies said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I agree with moneythoughts...I wish I could spend my birthday in Greece!

Caution/Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday to your girl! I believe that I shall eat some cake in her honor :)

Melli said...

Ohhhhh what sweeeeeet sweet memories! She was a little doll baby! And look at YOU! All young and beautiful yourself! I keep a picture of me from about that age on my fridge. It reminds me that even though I don't look like that - I still FEEL like that! LOL! I hope your Sweet 31 daughter is enjoying GREECE as much as I would if I were there! And she will KNOW that sun-kiss came from her sweet Mama!

Loree said...

What wonderful memories. Happy birthday to your daughter.

kayerj said...

happy birthday to your daughter. My daughter turned 30 this year too!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your daughter. My baby will be 31 on the 25th.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! (who is my age ;)

Anonymous said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to you daughter. I hope she has a wonderful day. :) Great photos my Belgian Bombshell :)

The French Bear said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!!!
Look at those pictures!!! I bet it brings back so many memories!!!
Happy Day my dear!!!
Margaret B

Heidi said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! And I've visited Lou to tell him happy birthday on your instruction. Way to spread the love, Jientje.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to the young woman, your daughter, who is just as lovely as her mother. And thank you for the shout out!!!

Your daughter, BTW, has the right idea - celebrating her birthday in Greece. Maybe next year I'll do something like that. I hope so.

Ballerina Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!
Beautiful macro shots!!


Dr.John said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Loved the collage.

Susanne said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I hope your daughter had a lovely day and that photo with her great-grandfather is a lovely, rich memory. I hope the sun kisses YOU, too. Blessings, Jientje.

Momisodes said...

Those photos and memories are priceless. You are such a sweet mom. I hope she had a wonderful birthday in Greece and the sun is shining bright where she is :)

Libby's Library said...

I've always thought that it should be the mothers who get the cake and presents, on a child's birthday!

Wishing you and your daughter many more wonderful years together.

Jientje said...

@ Lilacspecs: Yes, Korie, that makes me very happy indeed. I hope so too!
@ Quilly: Thanks Quilly, I thinks she can feel that. I hope so.
@ NicoleB: They are!Thanks!
@ Avril: So true! Thanks Avril!
@ Wanda: She's still very beautiful!
@ moneythoughts: Thanks Fred. I think that's a great idea!
@ Jacki : I think we all would want to go to Greece for our birthday!
@ Caution Flag: Yes, have some cake, please!
@ Melli: Yes, those are indeed very sweet memories. I hope she feels that kiss.
@ Loree: Thanks Loree!
@ kaye: Oh how wonderful! 30 is such a beautiful age!
@ Christine : Happy birthday to your bay too Christine!
@ Kristi: Aaaah, cute!
@ Thom : Mahalo Thom, I hope so too!
@ The French Bear : Oh yes Margaret, those are very happy and sweet memories. Thanks!
@ 2Thinks: Thanks Heidi, that's very sweet of you! I'm sure Lou appreciates it too!
@ Lou: Happy Birthday to you too Lou, and you're welcome! Let's all go to Greece next year!
@ Ballerina Girl: Thanks BG!!
@ Dr.John: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
@ Susanne: They are, and so are the memories. Thank you!
@ Robynn: Thanks for the sweet comment. And the sun did kiss me yesterday. It felt wonderful.
@ Sandy: I hope so too. I love her to pieces Sandy!
@ Libby: That's not a bad idea Libby, not bad at all! And thanks for your sweet wish.

Gattina said...

What a beautiful collage full of memories ! and a very special day for you ! Happy birthday to your girl !

Nana said...

Happy birthday wishes! xxx

Geert said...

Oude foto's hebben wel iets speciaals hé. Uw dochter zal in Gr zeker een fijne verjaardag gehad hebben. Verjaren op vakantie.... leuk !!

Maggie`s Mind said...

Absolutely precious. How wonderful that you have those pictures and the memories, too. Also, someday I`d love that pie for my birthday. :)

Unknown said...

Hello my friend...my mother would always call me on one of my children's birthdays and with ME a happy birth-day and congratulate me on giving birth to one of her grandchildren. I have always thought how sweet that was and have continued the same tradition with my children. After all....we "mothers" made it all possible didn't we? So to you Jientje "Happy Birth-day" to you and congratulations to your sweet 31 year old daughter!

RA said...

Wonderful memory shots! This is so lovely. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter. Wishing her a lot of joy and blessings as she steps into another year.

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