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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Window Views, Everything Must Change …






We’ve had some really beautiful days here in Belgium lately. We wanted to make the most of them before the cold and the wet take over again, so we decided to “steal” a day and go on a photo walk together. This time we revisited the arboretum of Kalmthout. We were there two years earlier on one of the very first photo walks I ever did with my husband, with my first point and shoot Canon camera. I had only started taking pictures a few months earlier. This is when I took this photo of a shelter house at the park, and I loved the view through that round “window”. Yes well, I know, technically speaking it’s not a real window, there is no glass in it, but I loved how the Ivy was beginning to make it’s way inside. Nature taking over. And I loved the view of two gates leading your eye into the picture, and the ever so slight ruby hazel-ish haze in the distance. 

So two years later last Friday, when I saw the shelter house, I wanted to see if  a better camera would make a better picture. But much to my surprise…

… I found this ugly statue with that terrible smirk on his face.
Grinning at me as if he was happy to see me. Goodness gracious!!!
I did not remember having met him before?

It was only when I got home and I looked up the original picture in my archives that I saw I was right. He had not been there the first time!
It’s funny sometimes how things change eh? Not always for the better I should say. They must have moved that shelter house, because the view behind him looks so different?  Where are the gates and that lovely green arcade?
They sacrificed the view for the sake of “art”. 

How sad.

PS: The view from the side was even worse. A pole  – I think it was a dead tree trunk or something – with a bust on it, staring into a hole in the wall.
With a flirty grimace on his face.

Can you imagine ?
No, I did not bother to photograph it. Maybe I should have.
Maybe not.


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Robin said...

Ick. I'm with you, the view was much prettier the first time round. No accounting for taste I suppose.

Still, any day on a photowalk is better than a day working, so it's still a win.

Wanda..... said...

The original photo's view was perfect with it's untrimmed ivy look...at least you have preserved it Jientje!

Geert said...

Day and night. Who the hell is responsible for the relay-out of that garden. Or for the displacement of that shelter house.
For the sake of art ? A nice garden is so much more art than that ugly statue.

jay said...

That is a tragedy! Such a beautiful view in the first shot, a cheap shot in the second. I'm so glad you captured that incredible window with the ivy and the gates, just the way it was before. It's a terrific shot! You could make greetings cards from it.

I don't suppose there were two windows and you just looked out of the wrong one? Or found a different shelter? LOL!

Unknown said...

OH! You are so right. Your older camera had a much better view to capture. Putting the statue there seems like a bad joke.

James said...

This reminds me of peek-a-boo. :)

moneythoughts said...

I like the second photograph better. The first one has too much stuff and clutter in it, while the second photo has better composition and balance. As for the stone piece of sculpture, it makes for an interesting contrast with the green field over his shoulder. As photographs go, I would rather look at the second photograph than the first one.

MaR said...

Life itself is a constant change. And a source of suffering for us humans who love to hold on to everything...
Sometimes I am surprised too, my old HP camera isn't too bad...only about 3cm too wide, lol!

My windows are here, happy Thursday!!

Dianne said...

I like the pre creepy staute view!!

kayerj said...

I like the first shot much better.

I can see the pine looking bush behind the statue and it looks like the gates are open, not closed. So it might be the same place. It's a good thing you took the shot when you had it the first time.

Nessa said...

Very funny. The second photo made me think of Monty Python.

Gattina said...

Very beautiful ! You are right, it smells autumn ! but we are really spoiled with the weather this year !

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

The first picture is much better, more natural.

Anonymous said...

I so like the first picture much better. The smirk on the statues face ruins that statue. It's just plain ugly :)

VioletSky said...

I usually like to see statues - we have so few of them here - but not this one.

Although, I without him there, I do much prefer the second view.

Betty W said...

I guess you never know how things will change. I´m with the you, I like the first one better. Even the light is better.

quilly said...

You know, when I pick up my camera to frame a shot, I am often appalled by the things people put in the way of a perfectly wonderful shot!

Your first photo is wonderful. The new view in your second photo -- not so much, but that is nothing against the quality of your snap.

Unknown said...

He is a funny statue! I love the ivy i nthe round window before!

Becky said...

I'm so with you on that one, girlfriend! Love the first one, the other does nothing for me! why do they do that?

Dr.John said...

Somebody must have thought it was a good change but I liked the first view better,

Melli said...

For suuuuuure the first picture is way better! BUT... are you suuuuuure it's the same little house? Maybe there are two?

Anonymous said...

I confess, I laughed right out loud when I saw the second photo. What a shocker! But laughing is not what you want to do in a lovely place like that. The first photo didn't make me laugh at all, but made me fall silent for a few moments in homage of the beauty. Highly preferable.

Loree said...

That guy kind of scared me. I was not expecting his smirky face. The first photo is gorgeous though. I left you an award on my Stories and Scribbles blog. I love your gorgeous blog.

Unknown said...

What were they thinking!!!!! The first pic is so intriguing and there is a sort of nostalgia to it, where as the statue....just a bit too over ther top for me. It just says, "OK, here I am, now take a look at me because I have NOTHING to say!" no....just doesn't do it for me....interesting yes, but not enough mystery...

Jientje said...

@ Robin: It was a lovely afternoon Robin, I enjoyed it.
@ Wanda: So am I!
@ Geert: I have no idea who's responsible, but I think he should get fired!!!
@ jay: No, I have not seen another shelter, there is only one. And that statue was definitely NOT there the first time, or I would have remembered!
@ Stine : a bad joke, that's what it is!
@ James: LOL! It had that effect on me, true!
@ moneythoughts : I think you are right as far as composition and balance are concerned the second photograph is better, I agree. I still don't like that statue, but it's a good thing we do not all like the same things. The world would be such a dull place!
@ Mar : Yup, that's a great observation.
@ Dianne : I think he's creepy.
@ kaye : I loved the closed gates better.
@ Nessa : ROFL!!! TRUE!!
@ Gattina : Absolutely!
@ Bill : Mother Nature did a much better job decorating this window.
@ Thom: That's what I hated so much about him, that smirk on his face.
@ VioletSky : It's a good thing we all like different things eh?
@ Betty : It came as a big surprise!
@ quilly : Less is more.
@ lisa : Yes, I missed it this time. It's too well trimmed.
@ Becky : I haven't got a clue!
@ Dr.John : So do I!
@ Melli : Oooooooooooohhh YES, I'm SURE!!!
@ Josie Ray: A bad joke someone said here, and that's what it was!
@ Loree : He's creepy.
Thank you so much for the award, I am honored!!
@ Linda Higgins : He is SO out of place there, and SO over the top, I cannot like him.

Bim said...

I really love the first view - and then the second one is such a surprise. Disappointing and, yes, he looks a bit dumb and shouldn't be there - but he made me giggle.

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