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Heaven is in Belgium

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday, Blue Sky Summer ...

Summer Stock Sunday JPEG

You probably all know how much I love blue skies. For this last episode of Summer Stock Sunday, I want to make a walk down Memory Lane with you, and celebrate the gorgeous blue skies we’ve seen here this Summer. We’ve been spoiled this year. From early Spring up until now, we’ve had lots and lots of beautiful days.
Enjoy …


Summer does not get any better than this.

For more Summer Stock Sunday pictures, visit Robin’s Around the Island.

PS: Thanks for all the get well wishes you left me in the comments yesterday. All the good vibes and positive energy you sent me must be helping a lot, because I feel a lot better already, and it now looks like I’m going to be able to beat this pretty fast. Thank you.


Wanda..... said...

I noticed the sky was a bit overcast the day your camera took a "bath"...and your new patio table reflects the sky beautifully...loved the perched butterfly and do I see a little green duck at the corner edge of the table?!!!!

Avril said...

Lovely images with the blue skies!! Beautiful reflection on your table!! - love the butterfly!
All wishes go to you for your speedy recovery! Our little Connor has been admitted to hospital a few hours ago with suspected pneumonia but definitely a bad chest infection! Am going there just now (they're very strict with visiting hours) Spoke to him on the phone and he proudly told me that he had a drip. Poor little sausage pie - I am so close to these two boys and now feel helpless - but I know he will have excellent care just so sad when they are left 'alone' in a hospital bed.

Dimple said...

Beautiful skies. I especially like the first shot of the spider on its web.

James said...

Brilliant pictures! I like the bottom one best, but they are all so good.

Melli said...

Oh these are LOVELY! I have to tell ya -- my FAVORITE is the least perfect of them all... Weeeeeeee! That is so cute!

Jientje - I had a LOT of pain delivering my first two children - the reason I had no pain with the twins was because my labor was actually 3 months long! The contractions had been working all that time - just verrrrrrrrry slowly. Thus... NO pain - and very fast labor! It was niiiiice though!

rdl said...

Great pics! love the first shot!

Becky said...

Love them all especially the little bird in flight! Shingles, yikes! Glad I could make you laugh with my post, hope it wasn't too naughty! Laughter is the best medicine ya know, feel better soon and many more blue skies ahead for you! Love ya!!

Jan said...

Great photos, all. I love the bird landing.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Grizzly and I are sitting here oooohing and aaaahhhing over these shots, Jientje!!

kayerj said...

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

Blue Skies
by Irving Berlin

It was a nice summer

Jientje said...

@ Wanda: You remembered my "bath" and which pictures I took then? I am in awe!!! The duck is a little Buxus topiary, you've got that right! I always knew you have a sharp eye!
@ Avril:Oooooh, I'm sorry to hear that about Connor. Poor Pumpkin!!! Awww. I wish I could help.
Sending some good vibes your way. Yours seem to help for me, so it should work the other way around too. I hope so.
((((Big Belgian hug)))) for you and the little man.
@ Dimple : Yes, one of my favorites too!
@ James: Thanks!! They should be, I selected some of my best work for this series. ;-)
@ Melli: Yes, it's far from a perfect picture, but I loved the weeee effect!!
Oops, three months of contractions? No wonder you did not feel them anymore!
@ rdl: The spider? Yes, I love spiders, but I try to give them a little flower from time to time. Makes them a little friendlier!
é Becky: I like a little naughty. And I love to laugh, great medicine indeed! And it's FREE!!
@ Jan :Cute eh?
@ Robynn : I could hear that!! LOL!
@ kaye :I love that poem! And yes, it was a nice Summer. Very nice.

Quilly said...

Funtastic photos! I see that you revisited the camera murdering canal. I can't believe you got that close to a mosquito and took it's picture instead of killing it! And that last photo is gorgeous!

Leora said...

Feel good! I love the top photo with the bits of flower and the busy spider. The red leaves say, yes, the upcoming months are tolerable! Take care.

Robin said...

You have had a beautiful summer, what a treat - both for you and for us, since it offered all these wonderful images as well.

Anonymous said...

All so lovely and blue! My favorite is of the cows, with the duck unobtrusively tucked in like a quiet postscript. Thanks so much!

Ellie said...

Those flame red leaves! Is it fall now! I can have extra few summer days - I wouldn't complain!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you were "under the weather"! Glad to hear that you are feeling much better! OH how amazing...your photos are. I can't wait to get a new camera...Christmas can't come soon enough! YOU HAVE to print your photos and have them bound in a book! I had a friend do that for her parents of family photos, it was actually a hard bound book and it was amazing! I should find out more details about it and see it there is something on line that you could send them to. I am actually thinking of printing out my posts and putting them in a binder for keeping and just adding to it...kind of a journal for....posterity...hehehe

Joyce said...

It was a perfect summer for me this year and made more so by viewing your amazing photos each week. I would get up each Sunday AM and check your photos first. Thanks for sharing your world with me. I look forward to next summers photos but I also will follow your blog weekly so that I can continue to enjoy and learn about your beautiful area of the world.

maryt/theteach said...

jientje, A trip through memory lane of blue skies! Thank you! We'll keep in touch! :)

The pale observer said...

These are some truly gorgeous photos! I am inspired to post some of Ghana where I make my life, but take so many of the sites around me for granted.

Keep up the great work! I will keep visiting! :)

Holli in Ghana

Anonymous said...

I love that last photo my Belgian Bombshell. It's wonderful. But there again they all are and yes, it doesn't get any better than that :) Aloha xoxoxo

Jientje said...

@ Quilly : Rule number one: Never kill a posing mosquito.
@ Leora: Thanks Leora. I will.
@ Robin : Thanks for hosting this meme Robin. I had fun with it.
@ Josie Ray : You're welcome!
@ Ellie : The red leaves are not a sign of Fall, it's a Japanese Maple and it's leaves are always like that. I'm not complaining either!
@ Linda Higgins: Yes a new camera is something to look forward to, I know. I print some of my pictures and hang them on my kitchen cabinet, a little private exposition. Oooh and I have an agenda each year with my very own pictures.
@ Joyce : Hi Joyce!!! So nice to meet you!! Thanks for following me, and even more for the sweet comment you left me. Compliments like these make my day, and make me want to try harder and make better pictures each week! Welcome!
@ maryt/theteach: Oooh yes we will!!
@ The pale observer: Welcome Holli, so nice to meet you! I'm sure your part of the world is awesome too. Can't wait to see it!
@ Thom : Aloha Thom. We had a wonderful Summer, that's true. And now I'm counting the days until I can steal a little bit of your sun.

Unknown said...

You have had a beautiful summer! Love all the blue skies!! I also love that bird fluttering toward you, hope you didn't end up with a beak in the eye!

Mama Pajama said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Summer with me! I will miss you - but hey, perhaps I'll stop by and say hello every now and again!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Jientje - what a stellar collection of shots. I can't even choose a favorite. They're all gorgeous. Although the in-flight bird is awfully amazing.

RA said...

Wonderful blue skies! It's always very enlightening to see them. I'm glad that you are feeling better now, Jientje. Take good care.

Jientje said...

@ lisa: I did not end up with a beak in my eye, I thought he was cute. Not a perfect picture, but cute!
@ Mama Pajama : Please do that, you're always more than welcome!
@ Julia Smith: Not a perfect shot that one, but I like it very much myself!
@ ROSIDAH: I'm well again Rosidah, and that feels wonderful!

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