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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Reflections, In the Soup (Pot) …


James, over at Newton Area Photo hosts a new meme called Weekend Reflections.

This is what James wants us to do:

1)Post a reflection photograph
2)After I post my Weekend Reflections photo, add your name, country and link to MckLinky
3)Be sure that your link goes directly to your Weekend Reflections post.
4)Comment on other Weekend reflections participant's blogs.
Feel free to be creative. Remember this meme is for any type of reflection.




I’ve been wondering all week what kind of reflection I would post today.
Dig into my archives or try to find some time to go out and make a new one?
Another photo walk was not a real option, I’m much too busy trying to get everything ready for my trip to the States.
I was busy in my kitchen all day yesterday cooking a couple of my husbands favorite meals for him to enjoy when I’m traveling. That’s when I got this idea. 
I made a little composition around my shiny soup pot, tried a couple of different angles, a couple of different compositions, and this is it!

I gave it my best shot! ( Don’t I always? LOL!)


Nicole said...

I'm getting hungry :)!
Awesome reflection shot - I love it!

quilly said...

You're cooking up some tasty reflections! And you're working yourself so hard you are going to need this holiday!

It is probably good that you are arriving here after 5 p.m. It is dark here by 7 p.m. and you can spend your first evening relaxing and recharging for what's to come.

VioletSky said...

Way to multitask!!
Very nice.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reflection. It's just awesome. You make food look too good to eat :)

Bim said...

Looks like it's going to be a delicious soup :)

MaR said...

That's a delicious reflection!!

Wanda..... said...

Your "best shot" reflects your "magic" Jientje!

Nessa said...

A beautiful, clean and shiny shot. Looks very tasty, too, as always.

Come Visit Silly Saturday

Regina said...

Wow. I love the reflections! Sounds yummy.

moneythoughts said...

I agree with all the positive comments before me. Nice shot, and the food looks good too.

Dimple said...

Very creative, and it looks delicious! Reflections are everywhere, if we only look!
I hope your husband enjoys the meals you are making while you are gone, and that you enjoy your visit to the US.

Anonymous said...

How creative! I would have to give my pans a good polishing before being able to take a shot like that. :-) Lovely.

kayerj said...

yummy, what a wonderful reflection. I love a nice soup on crisp fall day. I made chili yesterday. It was delish!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Cool shot, very creative!

Icy BC said...

Very creative and unique!

James said...

Very nice and very creative. I haven't thought of looking in the kitchen for reflections. Until now. :)
Great picture.

cieldequimper said...

Love it love it love it! ;-) Looks like dinner was good too!

Anonymous said...

This is great. I love kitchens and cooking. I can almost taste your cooking.

Melli said...

What a YUMMY reflection! I'm going to have to get in on this... eventually. :)

Heidi said...

I'm glad I kept reading, I'm a little tired and when I first read this, I saw- "I was busy in my kitchen all day yesterday cooking a couple of my husbands." and I thought, "WHAT?" It is late and I've been at a fashion show downtown for hours. So, I blinked and read it again and got it- cooking food for your husband to eat when you are gone. Ahh. I get it now.

The photo is stunning and clever, as you are.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very clever photo, looks like it's a lovely meal too!

Jientje said...

@ Nicole : Thanks Nicole!
@ quilly : I want to make sure everything is taken care of before I leave, that's all. Plenty of time to rest on the plane! And Im very much looking forward for what's to come!
@ VioletSky : Heehee! Loved this!
@ Thom : I had fun, cooking and photographing!
@ Bim : Yup! It was!
@ Mar: Thanks! That's a delicious reflection!!
@ Wanda: Your comments reflect your personality Wanda! Thank you so much, you're a dear friend!
@ Nessa: Thanks Nessa!
@ Regina: It is!
@ moneythoughts : I had fun, that's it!
@ Betty : I had to polish it a little first!
@ Dimple : That's so true, I love reflections! And I hope he enjoys the meals too, I've put so much love in there.
@ Josie Ray : I needed to do that too, every drop of water blurs the reflection.
@ kaye : You made me crave Chili, and I made some too! It was delicious!
@ Kristi : Thanks!
@ Icy BC : I on't know if it's unique, I had fun, that's all!
@ James : Reflections are EVERYwhere James, thzat's what I love about this meme so much!
@ cieldequimper : It was!
@ awarewriter: I wish you could, wouldn't that be something!
@ Melli : Join us Melli, I'm SURE I can talk you into it!
@ 2Thinks : A couple of husbands? ROFLMAO!!! Yes, I suppose you were tired!
@ Crafty Green Poet : Thanks, I do hope my husband will enjoy them!

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