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Heaven is in Belgium

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well hey … Hello!!


Hey there, sweet readers of Jientje’s blog.
I’m Ms Doubtfire, I live at Jientje’s house and I love it there. Around this season we hang out together a lot. She’s a little witch just like I am but even witches never have enough hours in a day.


So I sent her away and I’m taking over this blog today. 
I told her to get lost.
She needs some stuff and if she does not want to loose even more time in a busy shopping mall tomorrow or during the weekend, she’d better do that stuff today.
She hates shopping, so I really had to kick her out of here.
You’ll have to do your talking in that comment box to me today.

She’ll be back.
You know she will.
She cannot miss any of you.
She wanted me to say she loves you all, and if she has not been around as much as she should, she hopes you’ll forgive her.


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO. Well Ms Doubtfire. I hope she enjoys her shopping. Personally I hate shopping. Did anyone tell you your nose looks like Jimmy Durante's nose? LOL. Where's your broom? Is the wicked witch of the east you sister or something? Have fun with the blog today. Do you make witches Brew? LOL BOO!!!!!

Betty W said...

LOL! Well just tell your friend she should enjoy her shopping! And not to worry about us other folks in blogging land. We understand! :)

quilly said...

Shopping. [shudder] One of my favorite things, too. It is really nice of you to hold the fort down for her Mrs. Doubtfire. Tell her Quilly stopped by!

Nessa said...

You are an adorable guest host.

Wanda..... said...

It's nice to meet you Ms Doubtfire, no "doubt" Jientje left us in good company. Love your gray hair and blue eyes...and although charming... you could use a good wrinkle cream!!!

Joyce said...

I wonder Ms Doubtfire if your friend is shopping for a whip cream cake just for you. I loved the scene in the movie when she opens the fridge and puts her entire face into the cake to make it look like she has a beauty mask on her face. You really made me smile today:)

Unknown said...

I have one thing to say to Mrs. Doubtfire .... Hey there, Cutie!

MaR said...

I know the feeling...
Mrs Doutbfire, you do a wonderful job as a blog hostess!!

Suburban Girl said...

Such a pleasant looking witch. Do you have a sister to live at my house?

moneythoughts said...

I know people that don't like to shop, but you get to see some interesting people sometimes when you do go shopping, eh Mrs. Doubtfire.

Bientje said...

And being a little witch like yourself, she took your broomstick and flew off?
I wonder if she'll find what she's been looking for!

The French Bear said...

Ha ha ha!!!! LMAO!!!! Great picture, looks kind of familiar!!!! He he he..
Have fun!
Margaret B

Momisodes said...

Well hello there! It's great to see you this time of year :) Say hello to Jientje for me!

Melli said...

I hate shopping too - so I know what we WON'T be doing while she's HERE! But I do hope she can fit YOU in her baggage... you are sO cute!

James said...

LOL, I love it!

kayerj said...

What a nice friend to have around when you are busy.

Gattina said...

I hope you take her with you when you shop ! Maybe shopping is nicer in company, lol !
BTW it's raining at Melli's so you won't be too much disorientated ! (I am bad !)

RA said...

Nice to meet you, Ms. Doubtfire! Send my best wishes to Jientje :)

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