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Heaven is in Belgium

Monday, October 12, 2009

Macro Monday, Raindrops






Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unraveled from the tumbling main...
~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

More Macro Monday pictures at Lisa’s Chaos


Anonymous said...

My Belgian Bombshell...that is just picture perfect. How wonderful and clear that is. Well done :)

Robin said...

Beautiful shot, I love photographing water droplets too.

Gattina said...

You prove again that we are living in a rainy country, lol ! Beautiful photo !! bravo !

BTW don't forget to give me your skype address !

Wanda..... said...

There is always something special about beads of water...especially captured by you Jientje!

moneythoughts said...

I like the balance of the picture and I can see as an abstract painting too.

Nicole said...

Awwwww, sigh,......I love droplets and this is awesome!
Well done!

United Studies said...

I agree with everyone else....wonderful picture!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Whoo hoo that is just beautiful!! What a stunning shot!! I do love the water droplet pics! Sarah

Unknown said...

Stunning. Just Stunning.

Anonymous said...

lovely detail!

Melli said...

THAT is THE most magnificent photo! And HOW did you ever find THAT poem to go with it??? WOW! I am double impressed!

James said...

You have turned something that most people wouldn't even notice, and turned it into a work of art.

Christina, Sweden said...

So much beauty one can find in the boring rain :-)

Christina, Sweden


Jan said...


Margo said...

spectacular! I especially like the richness of it and the sharp detail. oh, and the composition and contrast... I guess I especially just like this period!

frogpondsrock said...

Lovely shot of the droplests. Are you experimenting with your settings? I only ask because that shot is grainier than normal. I can see that you are enjoying your photography class because your photos have subtly changed .

The Retired One said...

Love those beads that mirror the background!

Unknown said...


Dr.John said...

Your macro pictures are just fantastic and to couplke them with poetry. Wow!

quilly said...

Your picture is fantastic and the verse compliments it well. You need to produce greeting cards.

Libby's Library said...

:-( Your photo's make my macros look pathetic!
Just beautiful Jientje!

kayerj said...

"Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear."


Thanks for bringing color into my world

Loree said...

Incredible shot of the raindrops. I love it.

Jientje said...

@ Thom : I like the composition, but it's not as clear as I would have wanted it. Still struggling.
@ Robin : I know, you're good at it!
@ Gattina : That's right. I need to email you. Or phone you, or Skype you.
@ Wanda : I think they're magical!
@ moneythoughts : I like the colors and the light.
@ Nicole : Thanks!
@ Jacki : It's not perfect though.
@ Sarah : They're always a surprise!
@ Lou: Thanks. Not my best though.
@ vrtlarica : Thanks!
@ Melli: Sometimes I'm very lucky to stumble upon just the right thing!
@ James : Art in a raindrop!
@ mitt vattenhål : Only rain is boring, raindrops are not.
@ Jan : Thanks!
@ Betty : Thank you!
@ Margo : I like the colors, and the contrast in this composition.
@ Kim: You have a very sharp eye Kim, and you seem to know me very well. I'm still struggling with my settings, the graininess is not intended. I'm enjoying my class but struggling at the same time. I have made more crappy pictures than I ever did before!
@ The Retired One : They are little upside down mirrors, yes!
@ lisaschaos : Thanks!
@ Dr.John : I'm so glad you like the poem as well!
@ quilly :Who knows eh? Maybe one day?
@ Libby: That's not true, don't give up, you'll get there!
@ kaye : Ooooh, I like that quote, thank you!
You always seem to find the right words, I envy you!
@ Loree : They're always a bit of a surprise!

spacedlaw said...

Wonderful and fresh.

RA said...

I know that I keep on repeating myself on raindrops, but they really are one of my favorite objects. Great capture, Jientje. Sigh...

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