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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday’s Fave Five, Autumn Decorations


Thanks for the new button Susanne, I love it!

FFF fall leaves 2


First Friday of October already. Twenty six days from today, I will be on an airplane taking me to Washington and my big American adventure will begin! WOOT!!!

My week has been very hectic and busy, there are still lots of things to take care of before I leave, but it’s all coming together. Slowly but steadily.

1. I found the perfect parka coat I need for my travels, and it did not even cost a lot of money!! I had been breaking my head over this ( Flemish idiom)  for weeks, not knowing which coat to wear. I’ll need a warm coat in Washington and Portland, maybe something to protect me from the rain in Hawaii, and something warm and windproof for the windy city of Chicago. The new parka can face all kinds off weather. All I need to do is to zip in or unzip the fleece lining ( which I then can wear as a fleece vest) and I’m all set!

2. When he comes in with his hands behind his back, and “that” look on his face, I KNOW he has a gift for me. My husband was probably a nephew of Santa in a former life. Bringing a little present home for me is something he really enjoys doing. Last week he bought me a monopod for my camera. It’s lightweight and I can easily take it with me, it’s smaller than a walking stick!! I am now very well equipped to photograph the beautiful Hawaiian sunrise, or make night shots in Chicago? 

3. We had a wonderful day at my grandmother’s village last Saturday. I needed a couple more pictures to complete a photo project I was working on, and he suggested we’d drive over there for a photo walk instead of going to Bokrijk Museum Park on Sunday. I was thrilled, there is nothing I like more. No place on earth I like more.

4. We made pictures till after sunset and after that we had a wonderful meal in the little bistro by the church. Although it was already fairly late, and we had not made reservations (only one table was not taken) we could still eat there. The food was delicious, a perfect ending to a perfect day.

 fave five oct 2

5. I came to terms with Fall yesterday. I redecorated the house, removed all my Summer decorations like white flowers and seashells, and made a Fall theme. My downstairs neighbor let me cut some of her Hydrangea flowers, and I bought some red oak leaf and apple leaf at the flower shop to make a huge bouquet. It’s a real eye catcher. I redecorated the coffee table and bought a cute little lantern to go with the boat theme I made on my side table. The living room table is decorated with glass bells, oak leaves, pumpkins and stone jugs, echoing a photo in a book I displayed there. I used lots of candles, and it looks wonderfully warm and welcoming.
I’m ready for the colder months now.



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Islandsparrow said...

Your place looks lovely - I need to redecorate for autumn too - and you've given me some great ideas.

Glad you got your parka - and your mono-pod - what a sweet hubby!

Your trip sounds like it will be fantastic.

have a great weekend!

Wanda..... said...

I love the runner under your stone jugs...you have inspired me to gather some leaves and cut some dried weeds to create some warm themes...yours are beautiful Jientje!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh your decorations are beautiful - and so authentic! I have not gotten mine out yet... soon! I hope this weekend... but with Mom away, I have a LOT to play!

Sounds like you are truly ALMOST ready to get on the plane! I can not wait!

Melissa said...

Your autumn decorations are lovely! I really enjoyed your list. :)

Susanne said...

I am so excited for you for your trip! It would be nice if you could take a little side trip into Southern Alberta in Canada. I need you to teach me how to decorate with collections. I'm not very good at that. It always just looks overdone while yours is so attractive. :v)

Unknown said...

Your Autumn decorations are lovely. And your pictures of them even more so.

Unknown said...

what a fun trip you have planned! I would love to go to Hawaii some day..and I absolutely love Chicago! Your parka sounds ideal!

moneythoughts said...

The "Old World" has its own charm, but much more than that people in Europe know how to live. I am not saying all people in Europe know how to live, but you certainly take it to a higher level. Would love to live in your world for a while, it has been 41 years since I was in Europe.

Nessa said...

Those brown jugs are so cute. Anything good in them to drink?

Momisodes said...

I can imagine how warm and cozy your home looks with fall decor.

I can't believe you're coming to the states!!!! I wish I could meet you. Hopefully the weather here will treat you nicely. D.C. is a little warmer than it is here in Boston I think, so I think it will be nice :)

Lisa notes... said...

Sounds like you are going to have some very interesting travels. And you'll be so prepared with your new parka coat.

How sweet of your husband to bring you gifts. I'm sure you'll love having your monopod. I recently visited Chicago, and the photo opportunities there were tremendous. You'll get some wonderful pictures.

Jewel said...

Chicago is astounding, and I'm sure Hawaii is too. Lots of wonderful picture opportunities. :)

Why don't you have a picture of your new parka??

Also, this is my first drop-by at your blog and your name is beautiful! I'm glad you clarified the pronunciation, but my guess probably wouldn't have been close! HA.

Carletta said...

I told myself yesterday I needed to get busy and get out my fall decorations. These beautiful images have inspired me to do just that!!!

Anonymous said...

What a busy bee you have been you spoiled woman you. LOL. What a great week and the pictures are just excellent. Glad you enjoyed your Grandmother's village. Have a great weekend my friend :) Aloha

jay said...

I shall be in Washington DC next week! I'm having the same 'what to wear' dilemma. I need warm-weather (hopefully!) clothing for DC and Dewey Beach, then cold weather clothing for Denver and the ride over the Rockies. Then we'll be in Utah and Nevada for a while and it'll be hot! Might as well pack my whole wardrobe! LOL!

Glad to hear you've come to terms with fall. Not sure I have, yet! I hate winter, and autumn is always ruined for me because it hints at the misery to come.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week, finding your parka, decorating for fall, presents. How fun.

Tammie Lee said...

I wish you a wonderful time in the USA! Sounds like you are set with that parka and sounds as though you have a wonderful life where you live!

quilly said...

Your collages are always special.

I am getting very excited about your visit. I know you must be, too. You do know, of course, that I might be willing to share my tripod if you have your own fast plate. ;)

Jientje said...

@ Islandsparrow : The trip IS going to be fantastic, and you know what the best part is? Meeting all these wonderful people who are my blogger friends, look through their eyes, see their world and find out what real life looks like in the States. It beats hotels and tourist traps!
@ Wanda : I came across that when I was looking for something else, I did not know I still had it! And it's exactly the right size! I'm glad I could inspire you, and I'm looking forward to see your decorations. I KNOW they're going to be just as wonderful and cozy!
@ Melli : Have fun girl!!
@ Melissa : Thanks!
@ Susanne : What a lovely compliment! I was busy all afternoon before I got it right!!
@ Lou: I love both, decorating AND taking pictures. It was a good exercise, I have very poor light in my living room.
@ Beth : That parka was a great find, true!
@ moneythoughts : That's way too long. What's keeping you from planning a trip to Europe hmm?
@ Nessa : There was. But they're empty now. :-(
@ Sandy: You better believe it!! I SO wish I could meet you.
@ Lisa notes : Yes, I've seen pictures of Chicago and it looks like a very photogenic city. I'm thrilled! Can't wait!
@ Jewel : I forgot to take a picture of the parka! Nice meeting you Jewel!
@ Carletta : I enjoyed it very much, and it looks great now. Thanks!
@ Thom : I know. I'm a spoiled woman moi. True! LOL! But I love it!!
@ jay : It looks like YOU are making a big tour as well! Lovely places on your "to go" list! I hate winter too, but I'll start counting the days till Spring now!
@ Betty : I am VERY excited, especially since I'm going to meet all these wonderful people. That's the best part!
@ Brenda : It was, and I'm glad yours was great too!
@ Tammie Lee : That's true. I have a wonderful life. I'm a very lucky girl.
@ quilly: That's very sweet of you. But I'm not sure if I have a fast plate though? Counting the days now Quilly, this is getting very very close now!!

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