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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekly Winners

logo wwfinal

I missed Melli’s Photohunt last week, because I did not have all the required pictures for the assignment. I could have cheated and used some from my archives, but I don’t think that would be fair. So I thought I’d publish what I do have in this week’s Weekly Winners post.

Something in f(l)ight.

A herb

Something curly

A key.
Well yeah, I know, it’s a lock, but whoever locks this has the key, right?

A feather

Something twisted

Something lacy

A splash

Something curly- Something empty

Something purple

Something noisy

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Betty W said...

Something curly and something empty....that really is creative! You really got some very beautiful shots there! Love the "lacy" too!

Wanda..... said...

Scrolling down...your flight/fight photo made me widen my eyes, and the curl in the leaf accented by the very straight straw, and then the twisted-empty-lacy photos prove you have a great eye, but the splash photo has me in awe...how did you ever manage that?...even a reflection!

Melli said...

Love your curly and your SPLASH just totally WOWWED me! I knew whatever you had would be good stuff! Not suuuuure about that KEY though! LOL! That was quiiiiite a stretch! You SHOULD have played though... I'm pretty sure there were some "archive" players along the way! (but I know - I don't like reaching BACK for a "hunt" either!!!) But in the end it all comes down to having FUN! And you did!

moneythoughts said...

I too enjoyed your photos and thought them very clever. Nice work.

Susanne said...

Very nice. Love the birds on a wire!

Anonymous said...

Well dang I didn't know you couldn't go back into your archive's to get a photo. I guess I cheated. Oh well. I had fun doing it. These photos are wonderful. I so love the splash one and the feather. They are by far my favorites. But they all are awesome. Well done my Belgian Bombshell :)

Jeanette said...

Love the daisies and the birds on a wire

RA said...

Wonderful shots, Jientje! I always love to see your photos. They really have a lot of soul.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. It means a lot to me. Have a great week, my dear :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful set. Love all the textures you captured this week.

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

Beautiful shots! I love the whole set :)

quilly said...

Your photography dazzles me - -as always. AND, you know I posted a few things from my archives and Melli posted one from hers, too -- or was going to and found something suitable the last sec. I can't remember for sure ... but we'd have loved you anyway!

Karen said...

They're all just beautiful! I was thinking "oh, that's my favorite" until I saw the next one. And the next.

Barbara said...

Very nice & creative series of captures. I have not been doing much posting on my blog lately so looks like I have missed out on alot of nice shots. Smiles Barbara

Gattina said...

Wow, what a work and beautiful pictures !
The first one would be a dream for my cat Arthur !

Anonymous said...

The fruity splash shot is so cool! LOVE it! Love them all, of course, but the splash shot is my fave!

Jientje said...

@ Betty : I saw the sun shining behind that tree and I knew it was going to make a beautiful picture.
@ hip chick: Thanks!
@ Wanda : I used the macro mode and the flash for this one. And then I zoomed out a little more when I cropped it. I needed to crop it to remove most of the inevitable shadow I got while using the flash.
@ Melli : I know, the lock was a huge stretch, spank me for that one! LOL! On second thoughts, yes, I should have played, but I was not ready, too much on my plate!
@ moneythoughts: I'm so glad you like my work Fred.
@ Susanne : Me too!
@ Thom : Oooh well, not allowed is a big word, I guess everybody does it. I should have posted it along with the rest of you, but I just was not ready, and I had no idea I had so many?
@ Jeanette : Bird on a wire is one of my favorites too!
@ ROSIDAH : You have a great week yourself, Rosidah.
@ Secret Mom Thoughts : Thanks!
@ merrymishaps : Thank you!!
@ Quilly : Yeah I know, I should have played then. I will, next time. Promise!
@ Karen : Thanks!
@ Barbara : Hi Barbara! I have been a very bad blogger myself, never enough hours in a day for me too!
@ Gattina : I do think that Jackdaw is a bit too big and too scary for a cat, don't you? I would not want to see your Arthur being hurt!
@ Dory : Yes, mine too!

Maggie's Mind said...

All awesome shots. I love all the autumn creeping in. Of course the splash picture is too cool!

Nessa said...

Very nice. The bird shot is amazing.

Ellie said...

The flying birds are out of this world beautiful!

Unknown said...

So much beauty! I love those flowers! The barded wire, and oh - all of them!

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