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Heaven is in Belgium

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sepia Scenes, Paper Work




Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. 
~ Author Unknown~


Since today is Thursday already, I’ll better get a move on.
There are still too much things to do on my procrastination list.
One of them is paperwork.

I hate paperwork.

Bear with me.



Click the link to find more Sepia Scenes .


aspiritofsimplicity said...

But those sleeves and hands look so great in sepia! How bad could the paperwork be? I know what you mean though...anytime at a desk is time away from the camera.

Leora said...

This reminds me of some of the stock photos I look at for work, but oh, so, so much better. Love the details of the clothing - these are well-dressed men.

Wanda..... said...

I loved the look of the clasped hands Jientje...a man in waiting....

Avril said...

Super photo!! Nice to see well dressed men! Most men here are more casual these days. For instance in my hubby's office they wear open necked shirts and no jackets anymore. (He works for a global mining house) Some businesses - more in the financial fields I think, are more formal. Would there be a fobwatch at the end of the chain on the waistcoat?
Been catching up with your posts/photos - they always give me pleasure!! (I don't have the boys this afternoon as J's hubby is at home - so doing some blog catching-up and now .. back into the garden I go! - I do miss them when they're not here but I must take every opportunity for 'me-time') !! Connor back to his normal little 'wild child' self again!!! Thank goodness!

Unknown said...

They are dressed like bankers - vests and striped trousers. Is that what they are?

moneythoughts said...

Another great photo. I hope you do not get tired of me saying that. Really nice work.

MaR said...

Such a fantastic shot for the sepia meme!!
good luck with the paperwork...

Melli said...

A FOUNTAIN pen??? Wow! This must have been from one of your re-enactment places! Do TELL! It's a lovely sepia!

Sherrie said...

Great Sepia Shot! Reminds me of an old time office where everyone is working. And I hate paperwork too! Have a great day!


Heidi said...

What a great Sepia scene! Where did you take this picture? I have to agree with the dreaded paper work. I also lump bills into that same category. Which is why I'm blogging and not doing bills. Well, here's to both of us getting our to do lists done! ;)
If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

kayerj said...

well paperwork looks nice in this picture--well done. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

Libby's Library said...

Beautiful photo and perfect caption.

Unknown said...

AHHHH! I didn't need that reminder LOL...

Bientje said...

This must be in Bokrijk? Am I right?
And although I work as a secretary I hate the paperwork at home as much as you do!
At least we have that in common! hehehe
Big hug,
Your little sister

James said...

Great photo. It looks so authentic.

Jan said...

Outstanding photo in sepia. Well done.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great picture Jientje, like the Sepia look, My Dad liked to use a Fountain Pen, when I tried I always got the ink everywhere. I guess it is a Good Old Bic for me.

Anonymous said...

I love your quote my Belgian Bombshell. :) What a wonderful photo....When your done with your paper work will ya do mine? LOL. xoxoxoxox

Loree said...

Ah yes, paperwork. I doubt too many of us like it. Your photo, on the other hand, is superb.

quilly said...

Great photo and I love that Robinson Crusoe quote! I hope you get your work done super fast (thought accurately) and can go back out to play!

spacedlaw said...

Lovely picture. I love sepia and I love it better now that it can be done on the computer without the awful smells hat the paper processing would entail...

Jientje said...

@ hip chick: I know. Looking back it was not so bad. But I much prefer to go out with my camera!! You're SO right about that!!
@ Leora : Very well dressed indeed.
@ Wanda: Beautiful observation.
@ Avril: I prefer old fashioned well dressed men to modern day casual dress. Although casual is probably a lot more comfortable. And yes, there was a watch at the end of that chain. "me-time" in the garden eh? Oooh you make me jealous!!! I'm glad Connor is feeling better again Avril!!
@ Lou: They were actors in reenactment scenes at Bokrijk Museum Park. They were clerks doing the paper work on election day.
@ moneythoughts: I do not get tired of you saying that. I love compliments and I love comments, they make me want to do better and better!
@ Mar: Thanks!! It's done now!
@ Melli: You're right about that. It was at Bokrijk Museum park, and they were reenacting election day.
@ Sherrie: Hi Sherrie, nice to meet you!
@ Heidi: At Bokrijk Museum Park. A museum showing life how it was 100 years ago, complete with well dressed actors.
@ kaye : I always like to wander down your road, kaye.
@ Libby: Thanks Libby.
@ Linda Higgins: I'm so glad it's DONE!!
@ Bientje: Yes sis, you're right about that one! AND about the paperwork, I dread it!
@ James: That's because everything IN that picture is authentic.
@ Jan : Thank you Jan.
@ Bill: I agree, it's a lot less messy, but still...
@ Thom: Ewwww. Don't think so!!! I'll cook a meal for you if you want, but paperwork? Uh-uh!!
@ Loree: Thank you!!
@ quilly: YES!!! It's DONE!!! And I'm taking all day OFF today to play with my camera!!! And tomorrow morning, and maybe Sunday!!! LOL!!!
@ spacedlaw: I did not know about the smell, I've learned something new again, thanks!

Terri said...

This is gorgeous. I love the light and shadows. Perfect sepia.

Unknown said...

I love the photo! I hate paperwork too unless it's playing with papers to make cards. :)

Jientje said...

@ Terri: So glad ytou like it!
@ Lisa: Yes, cards!!! I tried that too last year, but you are much better at this!!

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