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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetauer's Photo Scavenger Hunt #2 With a Little French Accent ...

There is a new Photo Scavenger Hunt going on at Kirsti's. Click on the badge or on this link to find out who else is playing, and maybe vote for someone's pictures?
I'm not really in it to win, because I hate to beg for votes each day. I decided I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm in because I love doing Scavenger Hunts, and I thought it would be nice to hunt for the pictures while on holliday in France and that I could spice it up with a little French touch. I think this series gives a great impression of Summer in Provence the way we have seen it and lived it these past two weeks.

This is the June Challenge:
It is preferred that you take your photos between today and June 30th. If for some reason you are stuck on the 30th without a few of the items on your list, then you can use a maximum of two photos from your archives, as long as they were taken less than one year ago.

It is up to you whether you post your photos on your blog as you go, or wait until June 30th to unveil them and make it a surprise. One thing I ask is that everyone who participates posts all 25 photos in one single post on their blogs or in a set in an online gallery by June 30th.

So here we go, my French Photo Scavenger Hunt pictures from Provence ....

1. A View from Above (looking down)

2. A Macro Shot: Laguiole cuttlery.

3. Laughter

4. Relaxation

5. A Celebration: A wedding in Lourmarin

6. A Sunset

7. Sun/Lens Flare

8. A Bridge : in a Restaurant at l'Isle-Sur-la- Sorgue

9. A Shadow in Lourmarin

10. A Garden in Gordes.

11. A Park in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

12. A Street Scene in Cucuron. Do you see the electricity cables?

13. Signage: The French are very creative when it comes to advertising their business!

14. A Summer Activity: Nothing more French than "Jeu de Boules".

15. A Summer Treat

16. Earth

17. Air/ Wind: This is what the famous Mistral does with French laundry!

18. Fire: l' eternelle cigarette ...

19. Water

20. Something Vintage (pre-1980): I discovered that one, hidden in a garage in Banon.

21. Something Made of Glass: "Un petit blanc" at Tain l'Hermitage.

22. Something Made of Wood

23. Something that Floats: ;-)

24. Something Railroad Related: deserted ...

25. Something Round

So there, that's it from me, I hope you've enjoyed it!
I took so many pictures, and I had so much fun looking for them, I could easily do another series of this! Well, maybe I will?


Robin said...

Great pictures, what a wonderful trip you must have had. My favorites are 3, 8 and 23, but it was very hard to pick.

PS Knees are fine, thanks for asking. Must have just been the 5 minutes I spent reversing on the elliptical machine. Won't be doing that again.

PPS Haven't gotten the cake recipe, I must remind my friend again, because this was definitely a make again (and again and again and again!).

Caution/Lisa said...

How many times, in a series of 25 shots, am I allowed to say, "Oh, that one is my favorite?"

Korie said...

What great pictures. I can't wait till we take a trip to France. Your pictures always show such fabulous things.

Wanda..... said...

So many nice photos Jientje...my favorites were 8..10..21...the bridge...the simple garden scene, and the photo of wine glasses, which conveys to me a smoothness and heaviness...I love the reflection the larger one has.

Melli said...

Wellllll... I WISH you would have shared this with us before you left, so we could have played TOO... but your pictures are all fabulous! I LOVE those Bocce balls! They make mine look so plain! And your water shot is magnificent! I love that bridge too - I would like to be eating there!

Pollyanna said...

Very nice shots!

My favorites: Sun Flare (WOW!), Water & Something That Floats (so whimsical)

Gattina said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see all pictures, internet is quite slow today here in the mountains. I prescheduled the idioms for tomorrow, but will be in the car on the way home. Just to tell you that I have participated. Will do a resume when I am home.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Your photos are spectacular!! I can't decide if my favorite is the first one or the sun flare.

Jan said...

Jientje, isn't this a fun challenge. All of your shots are wonderful; I can tell you put your usual thoughtfulness and creativity into them.

MaR said...

Amazing and beautiful shots, I am particularly fond of the water pic and the petit blanc :)

Unknown said...

I can't pick just one!!! They are all so beautiful!! I DO like the bridge in the restaurant, though, perhaps a little bit more than all the others. Maybe.

kayerj said...

nicely done--I love so many, and the french twist is magnifique

Dana said...

I LOVE, LOVE all of your pictures and it's hard to say what is my favorite but I think I will go with something that floats. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Belgian Bombshell...what a wonderful photo set. These are all so good I cannot pick a favorite. The desert, water, sunset and earth are spectacular. What an eye you have. Amazing, absolutely amazing :)

Libby's Library said...

They are all fantastic but if I had to pick three favorites they would be #s 2, 8, and 19.

Gosh Jientje - you have been to some of the most beautiful places.

Nessa said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely memories with us.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Every one of these are my favorites! You are such a gifted photographer and France is so beautiful, you did a marvelous job capturing it.

Unknown said...

I love them all!! But of course I love the cutlery!! And the floating one cracks me up - who knew!

Samara Link said...

Okay. Seriously. Do you have a room there were I can come crash? Because I want to come there. It's beautiful!! Not only are you in a lovely place, but you have such talent for capturing it. You did a fantastic job. I really did enjoy every single one of your photos -- and I'm not just saying that to be nice. They're fantastic. Among my favorites, if I had to narrow it down to just a few ... laughter, relaxation, bridge, street scene, air, fire, and water. They're all gallery worthy!!

Evelyn said...

Of course, I love the floating flip-flops! From your collection, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new and improved blog. Love the photos here.

Glad you had a fun time in France.


Tracey@Aloha Monkeys said...

These are ALL great shots! Nice job!

Always Faith said...

Oh my. What an incredible set of pictures. Amazing work! I think someone already said it, but I would have to agree...I think they were all my favorite. LOL! Sweet!

anne said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! More than a little jealous here of your summer vacationing in France!

2Thinks said...

This is exactly why I gave you an award on my blog- come and get it! You are a photographing genius. I love these.

Kathy said...

This is a fun challenge Jientje and your photos are incredible, love the bridge with the set tables, in fact I love them all, you met the challenge superbly, I am off to look at more participants, hugs, Kathy.

Jientje said...

@ Robin: The bridge at the restaurant and the floating flip flops seem to be very popular, yes!
Oh and please remember to ask the recipe, you made me curious! No hurry, I'm trying to loose the extra weight I gained while on holliday first!
@ Caution Flag: thanks, I did my best! But the hardest part is to choose which ones you publish I think.
@ Korie: You'll love France, I know you will!
@ Wanda: the bridge again, LOL!
@ Melli: I thought you KNEW? Quilly signed up too, so I assumed ...? Sorry about that, I think the next one will be over at NicoleB, but I'm not quite sure?
@ The laughing idiot: Those are some of my favourites too. Thanks.
@ Gattina: I'll check and add your link, okay? Thanks for playing!
@ Dawn: I like Sun/lens flare very much. It was quite a surprise that one!
@ Jan: Yes, it was fun doing this one, especially because we were on holliday, and my husband kept his eye open as well. We had fun!
@ Mar: Le petit blanc is really a very tiny glass of slightly sweet Muscat flavoured white wine. We usually drink it when we arrive in Tain l'Hermitage after a long night in the car. We have a glass of wine at seven thirty in the morning then! LOL! ( the local vendors on the market do that just before they open their stalls at the market, and it made us curious)
@ Lou: I think that bridge is indeed one of the most romantic places to have a meal. I have never eaten there though,I don't know what their cuisine is like. I'm not sure if it's a tourist trap or not. I myself prefer the not so obvious little hidden places over the ones where all the tourists are drawn to. But it's beautiful.
@ kaye: Yes, I love the French twist too!
@ Danah Leigh: Thanks, I sometimes prefer the not so obvious.
@ Thom: "Sunset" was quite an adventure, but we made it!

Jientje said...

@ Libby: I hesitaded about that bridge though!
@ Nessa: You're welcome Nessa, I so enjoy sharing this!
@ Kristi: Thanks, France is indeed a phjotographer's paradise, so true!
@ Lisa: I did! I discovered this by accident once, when I threw them in the bathtub to soak them a little before giving them a scrub! LOL!
@ Samara Link: I do have a room. Bu the pictures were not taken where I live, but 1000 km further away in the South of France!
@ Evelyn: Yes, from last year's collection, I did not find any cute new ones this year!
@ Paz: Thanks, I did!
@ Tracey: Thank you!
@ Faith: LOL! Tanks!
@ Anne: Well, it's over already, I'll have to wait another year to do this again!
@ 2Thinks: An award? Awww thanks!
@ Mama: Yes, it was a fun challenge . It kept us busy for two weeks!

Krisu said...

Beautiful! And it was very clever to take all the photos from your summer holiday.

Ang said...

Love your Laughter and Lens Flare! The laughter is the best capture of any hunts I've looked at so far, it's truly shows laughter!
Lens Flare is just amazing; love how it shows in the background and in the drop!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Love the Celebration, gorgeous! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love #7! What a GREAT shot! And #23 is such a perfect picture for summer!! Nice work!

Denise said...

WOW! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing

Sherrie said...

Awesome Photos!! Love that water shot, WoW! Have a great day!!


quilly said...

These are all great! We got a mini glimpse of your vacation.

I probably won't have my photo hunt up until tomorrow. I know that's way late, but I didn't care to be part of the voting anyway.

Brandi said...

What beautiful photos! I absolutely love your water and sun/lens flare shots, but it's impossible to choose only one favorite out of a set of 25 fantastic shots! :)

Michelle said...

You did a fantastic job on the photo hunt. You certainly live in a beautiful country. :)

Kelly said...

Beautiful photos! If you aren't a professional, you should be one. I so want to visit this beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

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