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Monday, September 28, 2009

Macro Monday, To Bee, or not to Bee.





On our recent photo walk at the arboretum, I saw this beautiful artichoke flower. I like artichoke flowers, there’s something about them. Purple is my favorite color, and the flower attracts a lot of bees and insects, which can be a bonus in macro photography.
CAN be, because in this case it’s not. Not really. I did not get a good shot of the bee because the flower stood too tall for me, and I really needed to stretch myself to get it right. Sometimes trying to get a picture can be a bit of a work out or a gym session! 

The next one was even more of a challenge. The flower leaned over in a 45 degree angle, and there was this modern art female figure behind it which I wanted to frame in as well. I had to take a couple before I got it right, and at the very last minute before I pushed the shutter, this bee flew off. So there, the bees in both pictures do not really add much. Maybe I would have preferred it if they were not there at all.
But at least I got the composition I wanted.

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Loree said...

The flowers are very pretty and I really like the angle of the secong picture.

James said...

Awesome shots, I think the bee adds to the picture! Is it an artichoke?

I tried this meme for the first time. It's fun.

Carletta said...

Wonderful macros Jientje!

MaR said...

I saw the title and went away, because although I am not afraid of bees in real life, I don't enjoy looking at their enlarged faces, lol.
But I am glad I am trying to overcome such a silly feeling and that I came back to see your gorgeous shots. I suppose it's your shadow on the second picture. Fantastic!!

quilly said...

I think you had an artichoke flower as your blog header when I first met you. I love these wonderful flowers. Your pics are great.

Wanda..... said...

My first thought on viewing the artichoke flower was OUCH! Looks like a sharp metal sculpture, such a crisp clear photo Jientje.

Heidi said...

Here, I learned the name of a new flower that before this post I simply would have called a thistle.

moneythoughts said...

Nice pictures. I like the first picture best. I like purple flowers too.

Melli said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE artichokes! Not only are they really FUN flowers, but they are really FUN to eat!!! And bees are bees ... totally UNreliable! LOL! :) Great shots!

Nessa said...

I see the bees and the flowers are beautiful.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely the Queen of Macro Photography.

Unknown said...

Looks like quiet a flower! Love all of its edges! The bee is a nice touch. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the thistle as much as the bee, great shot Jientje!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous. The textures are just amazing.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Very nice Jientje, the bees do add to the picture. Give them life.

jay said...

You did well though, didn't you? Two thumbs up from me!

I love the flower. I had no idea that artichoke flowers looked like thistles - or that they were so tall!

Jientje said...

@ Loree : You have no idea how hard it was to get it right!
@ James : macro Monday IS fun. And yes, it IS an artichoke.
@ Carletta : Thanks!
@ Mar: I am so glad you're getting over that. Did you know I keep that in mind when I pick a new header?
@ Quilly: That's right. Oooh, what a great memory you have!
@ Wanda : yes, indeed it looks like you could cut yourself with it.
@ 2Thinks : It is related to the thistle, that's rather obvious, but it's so much bigger!
@ moneythoughts: Purple is one of my favorite colors.
@ Melli: I LOVE to eat them too!
@ Nessa: Thanks Nessa!
@ Lou: Hmmm, Princess more likely.
@ lisa:You think so? Thanks!
@ Amanda : I would have preferred it without the bee.
@ Betty: You haven't?
@ Lisa: Aww, thanks!
@ Bill : Thanks Bill, I'm glad you like it!
@ jay : They are tall!

Jan said...

Jientje, these are wonderful.

Dr.John said...

I liked the pictures and don't care much about the bees.

Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know artichokes got to look like that. Very nicely done my Belgian Bombshell :)

kayerj said...

I've never seen an artichoke flower. It's kind of funny that it looks similar to the thistle bloom, a very noxious weed that lives in my state. I do love your photo

Dave Ingram said...

Very cool image - I had no idea that artichokes had such huge flowers. It looks like a giant thistle!

Jientje said...

@ Jan : Thanks Jan!!
@ Dr.John : Me neither!
@ Thom : They don't grow artichokes in Hawaii?
@ kaye :I think artichokes and thistles are related though?
@ Dave Ingram : Only the flowers look like thistles, the leaves are soft, nothing like thistles.

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