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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Midweek Blues, Spring IS Coming!!


mwb 1575 



I was doing a photo shoot with some blue pottery for this Midweek Blues post when suddenly my attention was drawn outside. This little guy was giving the nest box on my patio a very thorough inspection. 


We’ve had Great Tits nesting in it several years in a row, except last year when for some reason the nest remained empty. Each year around this time of the season, the Tits decide where they want to nest, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’re going to want to raise their little ones close to my kitchen window again. Me and my camera will be waiting of course!


Temperatures have been warming up a little around here, I think Spring is just around the corner!



UPDATE: Yes, they are called Great Tits! I looked it up, check it out!




Midweek Blues is hosted by Rebecca at the Dusty Cellar.


Avril said...

Love all your blue pottery! The little birdie looks very keen .. holding thumbs he decides to make it his home!

Moonrayvenne said...

The little bird looks like she's scouting out a new home! I hope you'll have little visitors there all the time! I love these pictures! (((HUGS)))

spacedlaw said...

Nice oil bottles but this little guy is really checking out the real estate , here. Maybe thinking about bringing a chick along too...

aspiritofsimplicity said...

We have a similar bird that we call a goldfinch. They are awful sweet.

Suburban Girl said...

I do love your pottery too but how fun to have your visitor! I haven't seen too many birds inspecting potential residences around here yet. Maybe after this next big snow storm they are calling for. They say we will probably not see as much snow as we had this year in another life time!

Colleen said...

What a pretty little bird. I hope he does decide to take up residence in your birdhouse. Great pictures!

Unknown said...

Great Tits, huh? *blink* *crickets* *chirp* Well, then. Absolutely lovely photographs. As always.

Wanda..... said...

I love your nest box, Jientje...hope you see lots of activity there.

Kristi said...

Are those birds truly called "Great Tits"???!!!! No way!!!

The French Bear said...

Lovely pictures, I am really loving the photos that you take with the big guy! They are amazing, the detail and the color!
Margaret B

Caution/Lisa said...

I think I enjoyed looking at that first shot even more after reading the post. It was fun to look toward the bird house and anticipate what would happen.

I, too, am mystified by the name Great Tits. What a fun story that will be to tell around here.

James said...

The colors and shapes are wonderful in your pictures. I would love to meet you. At the moment we are thinking about flying into Brussels on Sat Oct 30th and taking a train to Bruges and stay there 3 nights the back to Brussels for a night then off to Paris. After our stay in Paris we would fly home from CDG. lol, "Great Tits" I've never seen any in my backyard. :)

Momisodes said...

ROFL! I was just about to ask if they are really called "tits?" :)

These are just lovely! I am always in awe of blue pottery.

I can hardly wait for Spring as well!

moneythoughts said...

After I read the post and looked at all the pictures, I could wait to see what Lou wrote. I know, I am a bad character. But then Momisodes surprises me with her comment. : ) Aren't birds wonderful?

kayerj said...

i love your blue ware :)

the bird is pretty, unusual name. I have heard of titmouse.

Dianne said...

your pottery shot is lovely
and the touch of having the camera resting there is perfect

as for the little guy, I love the shot of him peeking around the feeder

Susanne said...

Hey, that guy looks familiar! :v)

Love your pottery.

Rob Siemann said...

Wonderful pictures, all of them

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Your blue pottery is to die for!! I wouldn't mind a whole kitchen full of it!! You are so patient to be able to take those cute bird pictures!

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