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Heaven is in Belgium

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five, Good Company


friday fave five 12

This is the last Fave Five for February already, where has this month gone to? Thanks to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story and this meme, we are able to look back and remember.   

Fave Five Feb 26-2

1. My sister and her husband stayed over and spent the weekend with us. We visited the weekly market to buy some nice food and spent some time in the kitchen afterwards to prepare what be had bought.  We spent a lot of time at the dinner table, enjoying each other’s company and catching up on each others lives over some good food and a glass of wine. The weekend was over way too soon.

Fave Five Feb 26

2. Chocolate. And a gift check for 25€, to be spent in a Neuhaus chocolate store!  Need I say more?
3. A new way to serve hot chocolate is to poor hot milk over a chocolate praline. A very special treat at the brunch table!

Fave Five Feb 26-3

4. First signs of Spring. Warmer temperatures ( today is 48°F / 9°C ), the first crocus flowers appearing and the Great Tits are checking out the real estate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’re going to want to raise their family in the nest box on my patio.

5. The fresh Greek yoghurt I bought at the weekly market in Antwerp. It can be used in almost any recipe to replace sour cream or cream cheese. We had it with smoked salmon, but it’s also a treat served with some acacia honey on a thick slice of fresh home baked bread.

I had another lovely week, and you?


The French Bear said...

What a wonderful way to have a cup of chocolate! I can't wait for spring......how lovely to go to the market and have everything fresh!!!!
I hope your visit with your sister was wonderful, looks like you had fun!!
Margaret B

Colleen said...

Goodness, you eat so well! I find myself drooling whenever you post pictures of your dinners. Great photos. I like the way you put the outdoor collage together.

Suburban Girl said...

Oh....#2, heaven!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

It is always nice to see Spring arrive, I am looking forward to our Spring here.

Kristi said...

oooooh, I LOVE the chocolate photos!

moneythoughts said...

Your photos make me wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic, but we all can't live in Belgium. So nice of you to share your pictures with us of the good life.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

A lovely week indeed! That hot chocolate recipe sounds so easy and very delicious! Your bird shots are breath taking! Can't wait to hear if they nest there! Thanks for sharing your week!

James said...

Now I'm thinking that good chocolate might be even nicer than "Great Tits" both are wonderful but I have a sweet tooth. :) I rally enjoy seeing you pictures.

I sent you an email. :)

Lisa notes... said...

Glad you got to visit with your sister and b-i-l. Always time well spent.

Chocolate. No, you need not say more. I totally understand. {smile}

Brenda said...

That chocospreso looks delicious! I will have to look for that, my family would enjoy that as a special after dinner treat.

I use Greek Yogurt often. Its even good whipped into scrambled eggs. I especially like it plain with a bit of honey.

Heidi said...

Beautiful bird and yum chocolate! As for my week: hmm. I was a bit lazy and a little- nasty. But I am planning improvements.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Wow...those bird photos are breathtaking.

Food and family is a winning combination. And we're on the same page as far as chocolate is concerned.

Have a great weekend!

Kala said...

All those chocolates look delicious!

Wanda..... said...

Your posts and home life are perfection, Jientje!

Islandsparrow said...

Oh I like that way of hot chocolate! I shall give it a try. You would need quite a strong chocolate in the bottom I would think.

Your food pictures are so inviting and the pictures of the Great Tits are lovely. Do I recognize photoscape frames?

Glad you had such a lovely visit with your family.

Hope this weekend is just as nice!

Suki said...

Oh your pics are impeccable!!! So lovely to see the different colours and angles of your photos.

Susanne said...

I want to eat at your house. Your table always looks so lovely and yummy! So nice you got to spend that time with your sister.

What a neat way to serve hot chocolate! I'll have to remember that.

Karen said...

I enjoy hearing your menus and seeing the photos, as well. The little yellow bird is so pretty -- great photo. And I love the idea for hot chocolate. Have a good weekend!

Bientje said...

We had a lovely time together, isn't it sis?
And als always way too short!!!
Oh and the hot chocolate was delicioussssss!
Big hug,
Your little sister

Willow said...

You did have a lovely week! Those dinner photos have made me want some chocolate! Everyone (in the northern hemisphere) is happy that spring is coming!

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