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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five, Valentine Weekend

friday fave five 12

Thanks to Susanne at Living to tell the story who hosts this Friday’s Fave Five it is now time to look back on the week that has passed and list five favorite things from it.

I love this meme, it makes me realize how happy I am, it makes me remember things I would probably just forget.

Fave Five feb 19

1. On Saturday we went shopping in one of my favorite supermarkets. It’s a shop for restaurant owners and I LOVE everything there. They have a food department where they sell beautiful fresh produce and delicatessen, herbs, spices … you name it, they have it. There is a department where they sell all kinds of kitchen equipment, like pots and pans and knives and professional tools, and you can also find all sorts of dishes and stemware and everything you need to dress a lovely table. It’s a Walhalla for a foodie like me! I really LOVE the aroma of the smoked garlic we bought there!
2. We were in need of new stemware, and we bought sets of wine/champagne/water glasses that match each other to replace the mismatched collection that was cluttering my closets. Can you see them, they’re on the bottom left of the collage?
Later that afternoon, I dressed a lovely table and started cooking a delicious meal with some of the food we had bought there.
3. Sunday was Valentine’s day and Monday was even more special. It was our anniversary, because we started our life together on February 15th, twenty eight years ago!
My husband spoiled me with flowers and gifts, and I prepared more glorious food to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
4. I made buttermilk biscuits for breakfast and filled them with smoked ham, rucola and cream cheese. ( from a recipe I found at Wanda's blog. It’s in her sidebar).
5. I made a couple of photo walks with my Big Guy again this week. One short walk along the canal just before sunset to capture the beauty of the evening light. That was when I first felt Spring is getting nearer. It has been thawing, all of the snow is gone now. And then yesterday I took the bus to Antwerp and made my first photo walk in the Big City with my Big Guy!! I had FUN!!!!!


Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful week.

Nana said...

Een fijne week om op terug te kijken ja. Nog gefeliciteerd met jullie 'verjaardag'. xxx

Kathy said...

A weekend full of love, good food, wine and new stemware. it does not get any better. Happy anniversary Jientje to you both. hugs, Kathy.

United Studies said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! What a wonderful week you had filled with love and good food! I have never had smoked garlic...roasted garlic, but never smoked. Interesting!

Wanda..... said...

♥Happy Anniversary, Jientje!♥ Your life is beautiful! Your use of the recipe pleases me!

Caution/Lisa said...

Valentine's Day and an anniversary! That was a week-end worth celebrating. Your meals and exercise make our Valentine's treat of donuts and a movie sound mighty fat!

moneythoughts said...

Happy Anniversary! As always, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures, and enjoying a little bit of the good life that you and your family live in Belgium. I know some would think my idea boring, but I wish we could all be just a little more like the happy life that you live in Belgium.

James said...

Happy anniversary, your pictures are excellent!

Lisa notes... said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! How special. Love the pics. Wish I had some of your buttermilk biscuits and smoked ham right now.

MaR said...

Happy anniversary!! your week sounds and looks fantastic. Wishing you a fantastic weekend as well. ((Hugs))

Susanne said...

Happy, happy Anniversary!

Those biscuit sound absolutely delicious!

I would love to wander that market with you! How fun!

Jerralea said...

Happy Anniversary!

Your pictures are lovely and the ham biscuits sound very tasty.

Unknown said...

OH that sounded like you had a wonderful time! I just love to hear how you whipped up a scrumptious meal for your hubby of 28 years! I can imagine walking the canal and the supermarket! I would love to bundle up and come along for the ride and walk! love your FAVE FIVE!

Brenda said...

I love shopping at unusual supermarkets.

Those buttermilk biscuits sound wonderful, especially with all the yummy stuff you filled them with.

The Retired One said...

Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds!

Willow said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! May you be blessed with many more! Th new stemwar is really nice! You lucky girl!

Have a great weekend! Will there be another photo walk?

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